Posted on Oct 12, 2012
XCOM Enemy Unknown

XCOM Enemy Unknown PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

XCOM Enemy Unknown is a turn based strategy, tactical title developed by Firaxis famous for their Civilization franchise. You get free game downloads like this and more from this trusted website. This is a remake of 1994 classic XCOM: UFO Defense with some changes.

In this story the aliens are invading the earth and you are in charge of the defensive forces of the earth. Here you have to take control of XCOM project which is a paramilitary force. You have to decide about new projects researches and technologies to produce. XCOM troops are equipped with the very best in the technology. XCOM Enemy Unknown Free Download is what is offered on this page and the links are now online for everyone. In XCOM you will feel that you don’t have enough time and resources to do everything that is necessary and that is the best aspect. It is filled with choices, whether to spend the money on troop upgrades or on buying new technology. The whole experience is engrossing and engaging.

Sometimes to increase this tension the difficulty increases which is not a bad thing but you have to keep pace with the threat that is in front of you. Some of the choices are provided as either or format and these will affect the future of your mission. Download XCOM Enemy Unknown free for PC from this safe page and follow instructions to install and play. You have to make the correct decisions so that your troops can stay alive in the battle. It has two phases; Strategic management and then the actual tactical control of the troops. In the first phase you have to decide and manage all the construction, upgrades and resources. In the second phase you have to control and lead a group of soldiers in turn based battles in different locations. As the troops and soldiers get experience, they will open new abilities. Each soldier collects the experience and hence you will feel the need to keep the soldiers alive and then customize him according to your play style. XCOM Enemy Unknown PC download is available here, just get it and start playing immediately.

The missions are fairly challenging due to the well done enemy AI and the variety of enemies present. Each type of enemy has a different ability. To increase your difficulty the game will push more than one type of enemy at once on the battlefield.

The environments are highly destructible and that is a lot of fun. Most of the structures and elements can be destroyed. Near the end of the battle you will notice burning cars, collapsed supermarket and walls of buildings, burning gas pumps etc. All these will add to the intensity of the battle. Want to know how to get XCOM Enemy Unknown free for PC then you have arrived at the right location.

Firaxis has made some design changes to the gameplay so that the new players to this kind of gameplay should be able to pick up the pace easily. They have redone some of the early missions to make them into a tutorial style missions. Where to get XCOM Enemy Unknown? If that’s what you want then just look below this review where you will find the link for getting the full version.

XCOM Enemy Unknown Free Download for PC

The PC version has a mouse friendly UI and can be modified easily to suit your style. The visuals are decent with vibrant and stylized characters. The soundtrack is good and is remains true to the original classic soundtrack. Still with us reading this review then it’s time to start playing and enjoying as well you get XCOM Enemy Unknown below. After you get it extract the files to get ISO file which you can burn on a DVD or use daemon tools to create virtual DVD by mounting the ISO. Install XCOM from the DVD and read the instructions for further details about how to play.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is an excellent game. The developers have not only produced a remake but have tweaked and enhanced almost all aspects. This is one title that will rule all the games for some time. Already it has been rated more than 90 from all the gaming websites and communities that review stuff. Following link gives you full version of XCOM Enemy Unknown for PC.

Download XCOM Enemy Unknown Free Full Version

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Go to links page and use links from any one box to get the full version.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install.
    5. Play.
    6. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

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    FINALLY!!! nice upload !!

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  6. SPQR says:

    Sweet!!! Been playing Dishonored all day so i missed it for some time :)

  7. cracked22 says:

    nice & thank you!!!

    gonna be a lot of late nights in my future..I remember playing the original when it came out and being scared out of my mind!

  8. Flaviopiu says:

    Thnx ! Nice Upload !
    As quickly as the official release !!!

  9. TheBigD says:

    Awesome up! Between this, Dishonored, and Borderlands 2 I’m set!

  10. sawlight says:

    I usually don’t post thank you comments, but thank you.

  11. mleiva says:

    Thank you uploader / Thank you Fairlight

  12. RyoMark says:

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    damnit…there goes my work etics ;)

    Thanks for the upload! :D

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    Big thanks uploader, been waiting for this :) Goodbye work and life, hello aliens :p

  17. elv1sen says:

    My first comment ever but well worth the wait. THANKS.
    I’ve played the very first x-com on my 75mhz computer back in the days so this will surely be a nostalgic trip of sorts.

  18. MaDdogG says:

    Major thankes U/L and FLT!
    made my month! :D

  19. Elidioto says:

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  20. xynix says:

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    As always thank you for the timely upload!

  22. EARTHWALKER says:

    OMFG! Are you serious?

    Surely this isn’t going to be a re-vamped version from ….how many years ago?
    Thanks upper. I’ve just gone back in time 20 years :D

  23. Logic says:

    Thank you, been waiting for this.
    If its good I might even buy it.

  24. shft678 says:

    Fantastic remake of a classic. Thanks for the up! Works perfect. :D

  25. thedudeabides says:

    How am i supposed to install this when i cant mount the discs(sorry im a noob)?

    • thedudeabides says:

      Got it working :) :) :)

      • Bro says:

        how?? im having problems mouting this with daemon tools…

        • admin says:

          what problem are you having? did you extract the files to get ISO file?

  26. Bejje says:

    Thanks a lot, best of the year for sure :)

  27. Elohimm says:

    Enjoying this from today

  28. cronner says:

    After ufo crash site mission it just keeps scanning earth nothing happens, anyone have a solution?

    • cronner says:

      Loaded an eralier mission and played it again works now

  29. neviem says:

    this made my day, i’m home sick, so i will have plenty of time to play this :) loved original, so i’m really curious how they redid this

  30. Thobias says:

    Omg! Have been waiting for this release.. Hardcore fan of Terror from the deep and enemy unknown..

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  32. SinqaiD says:

    Thx alot been w8ing for this :D lets hope its as great as incubation, and damn its hard to manage ur cash a piece of advice better to upgrade a little of everything than to focus on one thing and in the beginning concentrate on engineers and make alot of sattelites :D

  33. joker says:

    Thanks a bunch.
    Great! Got it, played it and loved it

  34. MorphRobert says:

    Great thanks uploader!

    have been playing for 5 hours straight and not a single crash!

    keep up the good stuff! ;)

  35. Ironlion says:

    Thanks for this. This is the I’ve been waiting for for almost 20 years.

  36. lisa someone says:

    im not entirely to sure about how to get these different parts and how to do the iso thing. can someone please help a poor noob out? lol

  37. tony says:

    hello …i have finished downloading the files, totally 13 of took me almost a week..after extracting the files by rar..i get two folder DVD1 and DVD2…however there was no ISO file i can mount…please help..thank a million in advance!!!

    • admin says:

      What do you have inside the DVD1 and DVD 2

      • tony says:

        really appreciate your speedy is what i got
        inside DVD1 forder –
        flt-cua.001 to flt-cua.061

        inside DVD2 forder –
        flt-xcub.001 to flt.cua.072

        i work under win8…what could be the there something i done wrong? again thank you so very much for your time and support

        • admin says:

          OK tony, don’t worry you have the full version it will work.

          Now if you are using Winrar then right click on the flt-cua.001 and open it with Winrar. You will see a ISO file in there. Select it and extract to any folder you want. Do the same with the 2nd DVD and you will have 2 ISO files. Then follow the rest of the instructions. :)

  38. tony says:

    i got the game running now!!! this level of support is simply amazing..i am truly greatful for the help ….it is beautiful work you are doing here!! I will make sure to continue support this site…THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH

  39. james says:

    how do you download

    • admin says:

      Watch the videos given under tutorial section to know how.

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