Posted on Oct 15, 2012
Worms Revolution

Worms Revolution PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Worms: Revolution is a strategy artillery game which is developed by Team 17. You can download this for PC and more from this trusted site. This has the classic style 2D graphics but it now utilizes a brand new 3D engine. Both single player and multiplayer modes are available.

Worms is a classic and new versions are being released periodically by the developers over last 17 years. It has always been cartoonish and colorful in its appearance but requires skills and tactics to win in the battlefield. It has been a sandbox type where two or more worm teams are placed on the map with same weapons. Worms Revolution free download is now online from the link given at the bottom of this page. It features a turn based gameplay and has limited amount of time for movement and attack. Last few releases of worms franchise tried to incorporate the 3D gameplay but didn’t do well so the new Worms: Revolution is back to 2D which was effective in all the successful worm titles. Worms now has physics objects such as glass flasks and zippo lighters. Such objects can be moved using abilities like telekinesis and after they take some damage will explode releasing water or gas or both. The placement of such objects is a hit and miss type of thing which has no guarantee of success. Download Worms Revolution free for PC and then use the install instructions given at the end to play. Water now has been made dynamic which enables you to blast a hole in the pocket of water hoping to wash off some of the enemy worms. It’s a fun to use such elements.

The most important change is the introduction of classes. The regular worms are now called as soldiers and they are accompanied by Scouts, Scientists and Heavy. The abilities of these worms differ greatly and are noticeable easily. The Scout worm is very agile in nature and faster in doing all the basic movement and jumping. But they have quite weak attack and also tumble easily due to light weight. Worms Revolution PC download is what you get from this web page. The heavies are opposite to the scouts. These worms are like tanks which are slow and can’t jump but are very capable in dealing with damage. The Scientists are the support group of worms which give you health points on their turn. Inclusion of these classes gives variety to the tactical gameplay.

Worms Revolution Free Download

The single player campaign is lengthy with 32 levels and 20 puzzle levels. The worm’s fans will easily complete the first half of both the modes but the second half is challenging. The AI in the later campaign is unforgiving. The single player is solid and the narration is excellent. Want to know how to or where to get Worms Revolution then you have located the place you need to be at. The multiplayer mode is as solid if not more, than the single player mode. You can customize almost all the aspects. Players can change and adjust every aspect of the weapons. Players have the option of choosing variety of weapons at a time. These are fantastic options. The multiplayer modes include Deathmatch and Fort. You are just a simple step away from getting Worms Revolution free download. After getting this you need to extract the parts and then use the ISO you get to either mount in daemon tools or burn it on a DVD and install from there.

Worms Revolution will attract the classic worm’s fans. It retains the classical elements which made it popular and has some new additions and tweaks to both the single player and multiplayer modes which makes it a solid game. Following link gives you full version of Worms Revolution free for PC.

Download Worms Revolution Free Full Version for PC


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  1. admin

    Install Instructions

    1. Go to links page and use links from any one box to get the full version.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install. Remember to use a firewall to block it from connecting to the internet.
    5. Play.
    6. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

    • giAn


  2. Hazzo

    Thnx uploader! Old school with enhanced graphics = pure fun

  3. ultrAslanci

    worms will never get old… it rocks.. still now… hahaha my childhood here I come..

  4. Adrinba

    Thanks very much !! :D

  5. olopower

    I thought the name was “Womens revolution” …. lol

  6. shadoom

    there is the thing that i was looking for thanks

  7. GlaM0uRx

    thanks for great version!!! been waiting long time to play Worms

  8. dacapo

    thanks! great one.

  9. redgrave

    thank you sir

  10. LaBBytech

    thanks a lot!

  11. Brian


    • admin

      Hey Brian if you can explain clearly may be we can help. Let us know.

  12. Worms

    When i play, it says your graphics card is below minimum, may encounter some issue when playing, then go into the game. After awhile before reaching the main menu, it off itself completely without any error, blocked it with firewall already.

    • admin

      plz try updating drivers for your graphics card.

      • Worms

        okay :D

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