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Toy Story 3 Video Game

Toy Story 3 Video Game PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Toy Story 3 is an action, platformer developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive Studios for PlayStation 3, Xbox360 and for PC. This is based on the famous animation movie Toy Story 3.

Playing style is entirely inspired by the movie. The player is able to play as Buzz Lightyear, Woody or as Jessie. These characters will be active according to the situations similar to those shown in the movie. Such as in some levels Buzz Lightyear will not be available as he was made inactive by Lotso. Did you love the movie? If you did then you will definitely want to enjoy this, get the game Toy Story 3 free download from below and start playing.

Each character has got unique abilities. Buzz is the strongest among them; he has got the ability of flying and ability to hit the enemies with his laser gun. Woody can swing from area to area by making use of string. This can be played in two modes. One is story mode and another one is toy box mode. The story mode is pretty impressive one as it consists of nine levels and each level is based on the various events that happen in the movie. Toy Box mode gives the player to create his own style of gameplay. The player is allowed to customize the characters and missions in his own way. Want to know how it’s done then head over to the end where you will get Toy Story 3 PC download.

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It’s just like playing a RTS title, as the player creates his own world by putting the objects that he wants and by completing those he gets a chance to develop his city. Toy box mode is filled with many characters, missions, toys etc. the player can do much more in this mode as compared to the story mode.

These missions involve many things to do and vary from very simple to most critical task. Simple tasks involve such as painting a building and terrifying battles with a big giant monster as the critical one. Download Toy Story 3 game free for PC then follow instructions to install and play.

Some of the missions involve funny and very exciting moments. Racing with the criminals and making them to fall behind the bars or rescuing some of the folks by chasing fast moving trains are the most enjoyable missions. Apart from the missions, you can play mini-games that help you to collect some reward that will give access to some unlock able items such as toys. We suggest you to get the Toy Story 3 free download immediately as you will really enjoy it. The rest of the things you do are simple. Like the player can buy new toys from the toy shops. You can create some of the things that can be useful for the citizens of your city. You can customize the things and can play with colors.

Toy Story 3 Video Game Free Download

The developer has certainly made all efforts to make this to overcome the shadow of movie. The missions are very easy to complete, you will find a number of clues too and check points during the missions. Due to the lack of any difficult missions this looks like a kid’s game, but believe us it’s too fun not to play no matter your age. Get Toy Story 3 PC game download from the end of this post, you will definitely like it.

Graphics and animations are the best part of this. The characters themselves are pretty enough to impress anyone. The developers have given more stress on detailing of these characters. The animations and visuals resemble the movie scenes. The developers had used many bright colors to make environments prettier. The sound effects are good and the conversation between the characters is superb. With strong storyline this gives a very decent experience. If you think what fun you can have with a child’s version then we are afraid you are wrong. This is total beautiful fun one can have while playing. Get to the Toy Story 3 full version game free download from the following link and enjoy the great action.

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