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Red Faction Guerrilla

Red Faction Guerrilla PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Red Faction Guerrilla is a third person shooter next title in the series and the third one in the series. Volition Inc. is the developer of this and it runs on Geo-Mod 2.0 engine. It has been released and available for XBOX360, PlayStation 3 and for PC as well. This has been specially made for those who just love to hear the sounds of explosions and destruction. We know everyone does love those sounds like us so we think everyone will want this. If you are here to get full version of this game then you are at the right place as the link at the end will give you Red Faction Guerrilla free download.

The gameplay contains lots of exciting features which were missing in the previous versions. Here the story is continued from its previous version which was situated on Mars. You are playing the role of a brother, to a person who died in a conflict between rebels and Earth Defense Force (EDF). Your main objective is to destroy the defensive system of EDF, who are in hunt of rebels and civilians to prove their domination. Your mission is to supply ammunition and to provide support to the rebels to defend their area. The name of the character you are playing is Alec Mason. Keep reading to know more or skip to the end for Red Faction Guerrilla free download.

The gameplay is specially designed to get a real time experience. At the beginning you can easily clear the first two levels but to complete the rest of the story you need a lot of time and be patient. The story is not so deep, but it works well in favor of the game. Red Faction Guerrilla PC download free is given on this page just look at the end for the same. Your character is always armed with a jack hammer and three sets of different futuristic weapons. Using those weapons you can simply blow up the buildings, bridges whichever comes in your way by a remote control. It depends on you how you plant the explosives to destroy buildings and robots. You can break through any walls to make your own way into the building.

Meanwhile you can enjoy destroying each and every thing in small pieces. Thanks to Geo-Mod 2.0 engine due to which you can experience the explosion effect in such a way that you can see the thing flying around you, in atmosphere. Download Red Faction Guerrilla free for PC from the end of this post where you will find direct links from sites like Mediafire, Rapidshare, Netload and more or you also have the torrents to get it from.

Sometimes you will find some salvage after destruction and safe houses where you can refill your ammo by exchanging salvage. In the safe houses you can even get support from the rebels. The progress can be tracked by the feature provided.  You can move from one place to another by using vehicles provided with mini GPS. You have a map which you can zoom into to get the exact location of the objectives. The gravity effect created by the developers for this planet is simply great, while riding the vehicles you will experience as if you are simply flying in the air.

Red Faction Guerrilla Free Download

You can play this in single player and in multiplayer mode. The multiplayer mode contains some extra feature modes; this makes it like a totally new one compared to the single player. No need to play the main story mode i.e. the single player to unlock any of the weapons and abilities, they will be available to you as soon as you start with the story. All you need to do is start playing and see the entire arsenal at your disposal. You will also find backpacks which have been kept away from you in the single player mode. Red Faction Guerrilla free download for PC is available from the link below.

The graphics are good, well constructed site scene adds to the atmosphere, animations could have been better. Sound of explosion is realistic and the tracks are well directed according to the situation. To play this game you need a very capable gaming system to get the ultimate experience from it, but those with relatively modest modern hardware should be able to have fun with a few settings lower. Overall this is a fun and exciting game to play different from other current generation games. Just give it a try by getting Red Faction Guerrilla free from the following link.

Download Red Faction Guerrilla Free Full Version


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you get to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install and then copy the Crack files from the Crack folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed Red Faction on hard disk.
    5. Play.
    6. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

  2. fugitiv says:

    thx a lot for this great title :D

  3. silversurfer says:

    gonna check this out , thanks for the upload.

  4. manumanok says:

    TY it works!

  5. himanshupt says:

    Thanks Uploader for Uploading this. awesome!!

  6. pskalts says:

    i got it and installed normally, thank you

  7. PantyPixie says:

    I downloaded it and loved it.

  8. abeeerg says:

    Gonna try it out now, just finished installing it.

  9. d3adlyd0sag3 says:

    Works fine on Windows 7 64-bit for me.

  10. muskel says:

    this rocks my socks !!! thanks uploader, and most of all THANK YOU RELOADED and the rest of the pc scene. Not all of us are millionaires ;)

  11. dahoo says:

    Best third person shooter ever

  12. omqiown says:

    Great, great graphics, played it on medium details on E6400 @ 3.2ghz, 4gb ram, 8800gts 320mb.
    Very smooth gameplay!

  13. jforce says:

    Worked great and I loved it

  14. spt69 says:

    Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  15. kainkain says:

    Great Just finished it Every thing Working Smooth like Silk
    Thx Uploader :D

  16. Enslaved says:

    Great upload! Can’t wait to try this out, seems really good.

  17. oriol says:

    I give this 9 stars of 10! Why? Its one of the best 3rd person shooters ive played in years. And the physics engine is TOP NOTCH!

  18. Michelctba says:

    Danke Kameraden !!!

  19. Mazzarin says:

    Thanks, worked great! Completed whole thing

  20. colin says:

    thanks, cant stop playing it.

  21. joyel sani says:

    does it really work

    • admin says:

      yes it works. let us know if you have problem installing or any other problems

      • joyel says:

        its not working

        • admin says:

          Thanks joyel for the info.. We have fixed the links. Enjoy!

  22. Alex says:

    So i need to make these questions to continue? -.-

  23. rfdx says:

    FIle’s not found!

    • admin says:

      thanks for informing us rfdx. We have fixed all the files. Have fun :)

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