Posted on Sep 23, 2013
Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

After a long time, last year Konami produced a good football/soccer simulation game. The things that were missing from the title for some of the previous years had been introduced and that made it fun to play. The skills required to play and the way it felt challenging was one of the reason people liked PES 2013. This year with Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 or PES 2014 for short they have tried to make the previous experience even better. With the use of a new engine that ramps up the visual detail and adds that extra spice to the overall appeal, we expected it to follow suit of the previous game. You can find full version of PES 2014 PC download given on this page, use the direct links through jDownloader or use the torrent links through uTorrent or any other torrent client that you use to get Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PC download.

FIFA title have gained a great reputation among the fans after the changes they have made over the years and the franchisee has become a de facto simulation experience for us gamers. But with PES 2014 we Konami are back in the competition. It looks so good, compared to the competition or the previous titles in the series as well.  Find Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 free download given below, it gives you the full version.

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The visuals are the best part of the pack. The faces of some of the players are exact replicas of their real counterparts. The animation of players and their kits are just awesome. Skin looks real too. Overall everything looks as good as it should in a simulation title. We suggest you get PES 2014 PC download immediately from this page and start playing and let us know how you feel about these new changes.

One more thing that has seen a dramatic change is the stadiums. No longer are the boring two dimensional pictures, instead you get a bustling environment full of people and flags, chanting in a lively atmosphere. The dynamic crowds react as soon as the tone of the match changes, according to the situation. Find PES 2014 free download for PC then you can play immediately by following the instructions which we have given at the end of this pat in comments section.

One example where the crowd comes to life is when someone wrongly tackles a player. The crowd will start jeering that player and start asking for the offender to be booked or dismissed, depending upon the severity of the tackle. Even scoring becomes fun when people start chanting your name and singing songs about you. Nothing makes you feel like a star then people chanting your name on the ground. It all looks so surreal in the new stadiums and light effects. We are offering you a full version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 PC download on this page, use it to get the game for free.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Free Download

The gameplay is similar to the one is PES 2013 which is a good things as this was a really good feature of that game. Passing was accurate and correctly executed, like the passes along the ground reached the destination fast while lofted passes flew through air floating or driven depending upon the option you choose. More of such great things are included, so get PES 2014 PC download and start enjoying this great action immediately.

If you have played previous PES games then you know the players and teams are not licensed which is a sore point for the fans but we are used to it. Anyone who is trying it for the first time will be stumped seeing the names all different of the players and teams. But don’t worry, a simple Google search will show you how to get an options file, which changes everything back to correct info. First you need PES 2014 free download to get going, follow the instructions given in the comment section to get it and follow the rest of the instructions to install and play. If you need help you can ask questions below or you can always watch the tutorial videos given above to download Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 free for PC.

To conclude we thing Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 is a really good game that builds on the predecessor and keeps the series in smooth motion for future titles. It’s not a big leap we would have like but a simple step forward. I think the developers are holding back on their glory days rather than embrace the future and bring out a great competitor to FIFA 14, till then we can enjoy the old school Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 free download on PC by using the link given below.

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  1. admin

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install. When asked for a serial number use one of the 4 given on the download page install instructions.
    5. Then copy all files from the CRACK folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk.
    6. Play.
    7. Buy it if you like, to support the developers.

    • Pedro73

      Gracias …….. thank You

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    • hafihz

      how to download pes 2014 ????

      • admin

        Hey hafihz watch the tutorial videos given above.

  2. Oreo

    Thanks! :D

  3. reflush

    This is the best soccer game ever!!definitely

  4. m3dia

    I am looking forward to play this! Thanks a lot !

  5. there

    Thanks for the upload been pressing f5 ever 5 mins since saturday!

  6. alkain

    Thanks! :D

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  9. mdagd

    what a surprise ha. thx for the superior sharing fellas :))

  10. NeXs

    Hell yeah..thanks! I loved 2013.. if 2014 turns out to be just as good or better..cant get enough of it

  11. mutul

    It seems that it is very good. The movement of the players is very natural and the graphics are amazing. Almost like watching a match on tv.

  12. johnn

    Just played it. I’ll play it for a week nonstop :D

  13. go george

    been w8ing 4 it. thanks

  14. Hempd

    Downloaded, installed, works fine. thanks

  15. Zw

    fonctionne très bien

  16. nabilo89

    thank you that’s the real deal

  17. cytomaxs

    Downloading now :) Thank you uploader

  18. 3tiea

    What About Game Languages And Commentary ?

    • Ahmed

      -Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Turkish
      -Audio Commentary: English, French, Italian, German

  19. Gamito

    Thx for the upload sir :)

  20. xlove

    Thank you

  21. zekapeka

    thank you for upload :) Can this be played online?

    • Shubham

      is this game is for limited yime

      • admin

        there is no time limit. play as long as you want. Its full version.

  22. flash

    great game! its a step foward in the series!

  23. kubuz

    Thanks :)

  24. sikann

    Can`t wait for it to download .. been waiting for almost a month
    2013 was the real deal .. hope this one is better

    Thanks so much uploader .. appreciate it dude

  25. tuttur

    the crack files get deleted so make sure you add an exception to them or the game wont start without them.

    • Gonx

      i disabled Windows defender, only then i copied the files as said and everything worked. I added them to the exception list so they dont get deleted.

      Thnx for this tip

  26. Kashoxid

    Works perfect…very nice game…thanks a lot for this great up!

  27. pron

    Thank you very much!! its amazing!!!

  28. STiW

    thanks for uploading

  29. hammer

    if you have limit for the resolution then there is a solution.

    since my monitor is a 40″ TV , my DPI settings were on 180%,
    when restored DPI settings to 100%, 1920×1080 and all resolutions suddenly appeared!!

    to change DPI settings :
    right click on desktop -> screen resolution ->
    Make text and other items larger or smaller.
    and choose 100%.

    Game works perfectly now !

  30. alanpart

    Thanks so much for this! Best football simulator ever, don’t understand why people prefer Fifa!

  31. PerFecT

    woooow thanx

  32. DarkSec

    Awesome !!
    Thanks :)

  33. bluemoon

    it’s the best football title out to date. of course it’s not a fifa or like any other pes but it’s a 90% whole new that started to talk about football… great job konami, it is totally challenging and a good start to build the new generation pes. the gameplay is awesome all the animation and momentum are great not just like the hybrid fifa. i don’t have to mention the fox engine… it talks for itself….

    • MDias

      thank you. Your comment made me get this. I m glad i did.

      thanx again

  34. egi

    fungerer bra!!!!!!

  35. denons

    thanx bro

  36. rully

    it’s cool :D

  37. evans

    how can I download pes2014

    • admin

      just watch the tutorial videos given above. :)

  38. johnson

    please allow me download PES 13

  39. Leeron

    I cant figure out the registration code

    • admin

      Hey Leeron when you are on the links page read the instructions there. You will find it in step 3.

      • Leeron

        i don’t understand step 3

        • admin

          When you get the ISO file after extracting. You need to install a software called daemon tools lite. Find the link on the left sidebar of this page. Once you install it, you just need to double click the ISO file and it will mount the game and you will see a DVD in your “My Computer” page. from there you can install the game and follow the rest of the instructions.

  40. ahmed mohamed

    great thanks for you

    • ahmed mohamed


  41. Navid

    thank u It is perfect

  42. Divine

    really great

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    thank you

  44. mohamed

    Thanks so much for this! Best football simulator ever, don’t understand why people prefer Fifa!

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    you guys are good

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  48. rumaidali

    nic game 2014 football my best.. Thanky you.

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  50. kubin

    How to make download this is game pes 2014 ??? agih lah pleace/mambbana den aaa
    100% :(

    • admin

      watch the tutorial videos given above.

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