Posted on Mar 10, 2013
Portal 2

Portal 2 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Portal 2 is puzzle which has to be played in the first person perspective, it’s a platformer. It is the direct sequel to original Portal and it is the second major installment in series. You can download free games from here and start playing once you get everything you want. Valve Corporation is the developers as well as the publishers of this Windows PC and PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Many elements in this resemble to its predecessor. It contains a series of puzzles that are needed to be solved by the technique of teleporting. Again portal guns acts as the major weapon and find its use throughout. You can get Portal 2 free download from the end of this review and enjoy. This portal gun helps to create many new portals and entrance which act as a link between two separate platforms. Keeping many old elements intact, developers added some new elements to give a fresh look to this sequel. The storyline appears much longer and introduces many new faces as well.

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Player assumes himself as Chell and his main objective is believed to be finding a path to reach the science laboratory. This laboratory is reactivated by a super computer acting as the antagonist. You can get Portal 2 PC download and install it by using the instructions given below. GLaDos makes a comeback here and is much stronger than before. Gameplay is modern and is full of sci-fi elements. Initially player has to go through a tutorial and it is used to train in interacting with the environment and to controlling the movement. He will start his journey immediately after tutorial and has to think really hard to find out the right platform that accepts a portal, because throughout the story only few places are available which are capable of accepting your portal.

Many new elements are introduced to make your path easy to progress. Download Portal 2 full version free and see for yourself how different it is from the first one. Surfaces having gel property give player an extra speed to cover the distance and strength to jump higher. These surfaces can be identified by their color codes. Each colored surface is unique in nature. Like blue allows player to jump, orange gives him speed, white color accepts portals and are rarely placed. These surfaces are highly sensitive and can be cleared even by water. Few aerial plates are capable of throwing the objects into portals. There are special cubes introduced which are capable of diverting the high power laser beams. Full version of Portal 2 free download is available online at the end of this post.

Portal 2 Free Download

Other new elements include bridges that are made up of lights and tractor beams. As the player moves to the next level, he finds much more difficulties in finding the right surface. The games locations changes from level to level. Each level brings some new concept and actually makes the player to completely immerse himself in it. In some levels player has to go through open space, where most of the surfaces are reluctant to accept the portals and forces player to develop unique technique to go through these surfaces. Portal 2 PC download is what you get here, that’s what you are looking for right, how to or where to get this game. Portal chambers vary their sizes; some of them are really huge. It almost takes 6-7 hours to complete the single player campaign. After finishing single player, you can also try your hand on a multiplayer co-op mode. If you are really into puzzles then this will keep you interested for a long long time. You can try to do things differently each time you play and still be able to complete the mission.

Graphically speaking this has certain points to be proved. Being and acting as a robot is entirely different and movements look mechanically influenced as they should be in case of a robot. Though you can imitate humans to get extra hours playing time but it is pointless. The animations are good, but they would have been great if the designers had put some extra effort into it. Voice acting of the characters is impressive and can be remembered for certain period. Following link gives you to Portal 2 free for PC, get it and enjoy to the fullest.

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    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install.
    5. Also get the update from links page and follow instructions given to install it.
    6. Play. (Use language launcher to change language)
    7. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

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