Posted on Sep 8, 2012
NHL 13 XBOX360

NHL 13 XBOX360

5 Star Rating: Recommended

NHL 13 is the 21st title in the series. It has been developed by EA Canada and publisher is EA Sports. It is released for Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 version also will be released shortly. The developers used a good marketing tactic to let the fans decide which player will be used on the cover and everyone was allowed to vote. This strategy worked with the vote receiving 25 million votes in total. Claude Giroux was decided as the winner and he is featured on the cover for this game. Get the full version of NHL 13 free download for XBOX 360 from below and enjoy.

For the first time in the series two female characters have been added which you can select to play. This is the first time to include real life female players, earlier you could create female characters but no real life players were included with it. Hayley Wickenheiser and Angela Ruggiero are the two players who have been included here. If you are interested then you can download NHL 13 free fox Xbox 360 from below.

After Madden NFL 13 we have this one so quickly, we are now waiting for Fifa 13 to be released, eagerly! This version is little different this time with the gameplay. If you try to use the same tactics you used in the previous versions like running around or straight and scoring goals then forget it. You will fall face down with this strategy. Previously you could easily beat the opposition even at the highest setting and only lose to the AI if the computer decided it was time you lost a match and then the PC team will score the goals at will without giving any chance to you. But this does it differently and is quite good to tell you guys frankly. NHL 13 Xbox 360 region free download is available now at the end of this page.

The first thing you notice when you first start this game is the interface, this has been done revamped completely. You won’t find the in-your-face player on the screen and is replaced by a good looking sports show kind of interface. The graphics are good and are similar to the previous ones of the series with some new animations added in. Region free NHL 13 Xbox 360 download is now online for everyone to get it from the link given at the bottom.

Now about the sound system employed in this, you will hear the same commentary done by the same person. Though you have a limited number of tracks to listen in this, they are the tracks that you will listen to during an actual match. It feels nice to listen to them, even if you have heard them 100’s of times during the matches.

As with the previous Fifa i.e. FIFA 12 where the gameplay was made much slower to depict the exact same real time matches, this does the same. The actual play is pretty slow and is comparable to the actual speed at which the players play in a match. NHL 13 free Xbox360 download is given below get it from below and enjoy.

NHL 13 Xbox 360 Free Download

Even though you won’t find much new content compared to the predecessors, you will definitely find enough improvements in it, to warrant a play through. The new slower playing style and the new interface are some of the first things that will be noticed. All in all this gives us a nice and solid hockey experience. Oh by the way if you are a first time user then you should know this is Ice Hockey. NHL 13 XBOX360 free download is given below, get it and start installing right away.

If you have not played the previous versions then you will definitely like this and if you are fan and know every in and out; still you should get it and play as it has improvements in all departments. Following link gives you full version of NHL 13 game to all gamers.

Download NHL 13 Region Free for XBOX 360


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Burn the ISO on a compatible DVD for your Xbox360 as you do with other Xbox360 titles.
    4. Play.
    5. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

    PS: NHL 13 for XBOX360 is Prepatched and stealth image + iXtreme compatible

  2. GodZilla says:

    Thanks :)

    now I can play few days earlier :)

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    Thanks :D

  5. kenai says:

    Game of the year!

  6. boxchevy says:

    damn.. time to learn how to score again even though i know this like the back of my hand ;-)

    thx upper

  7. foxhound says:

    was hoping it was coming out this weekend :D

    thnx uploader

  8. Wrekk says:


    does it req. 15574 to work?

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  10. GlaM0uRx says:

    thanks a lot. a EA ’13 generation has finally arrived :)

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    thanks a lot.

  13. MrGizMo says:

    Great!!! First Madden 13, now NHL 13. Whats up next ;)???


  14. dafranchise says:

    Sweet! Thanks!

  15. simplyb says:

    Awesome Thanks

    This should keep us busy during the LockOut :S

  16. round3r says:

    Will it work with lt 2.0 and with the 13604.0 dashboard? If I update the dashboard then the older ones will run too?

    • KevinNilsson says:

      Stupid question, but..
      Does this work on LT 2.0?

      • CloudShadow says:

        Yes, as this is a XGD2 version it will work on LT+ 2.0. But your dashboard needs to be 14719

  17. mattymatt says:

    thanks. this works nicely

  18. Painkillerqc says:

    do i need to run it through abgx360 to play it online?

    • admin says:

      yeah run it. its abgx verified now.

  19. simon says:

    i join you 9

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