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Need for Speed Most Wanted XBOX360

Need for Speed Most Wanted XBOX360

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 is the latest game to join the NFS series. This is the second time the series is releasing a title with the same name Most Wanted. The first one was released in 2005 by the same name. It was one of the best in the series so far, after that we have hardly seen anything like it in the later series that have joined the NFS series. The difference between this one and the last is, the developer is now Criterion Games. This is known by many names such as NFS: MW or NFS: Most Wanted or Need for Speed: Most Wanted. You can download Need for Speed Most Wanted for XBOX 360 from this page. This will give you a region free full version which you can play on any console be it a NTSC one or a PAL one or any other region.

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a sandbox style racing title whose publisher is Electronic Arts or EA for short. This is the 19th one to be released in the NFS series and this is going to be available for Windows PC, PlayStation 3 and of course the XBOX 360 which is the version you will be getting today from this website. NFS Most Wanted XBOX 360 is now available for everyone from the end of this page. NFS MW is also going to be released for handhelds like the PlayStation Vita and also the mobile platforms which include Android and iOS. The Wii version is also going to be released albeit a t a later date. Need for Speed Most Wanted XBOX 360 free download is currently online for everyone at the end of this review.

The gameplay that we see in NFS Most Wanted is similar to the first one and the style is same as well.  You will be racing and competing against other players while the Cops are involved in almost all the races trying to stop you. They will deploy vehicles and apply various tactics like throwing spike strips to stop and arrest you. This time around there will be a list of top 10 blacklisted players compared to the 15 man list of the previous iteration. Get Need for Speed Most Wanted XBOX 360 download from here and play this region free, now!

This is very similar to the Burnout series and not the original Most Wanted. You will be playing in an open world and at a breakneck all the times. You can finish the races by choosing whatever route you choose, no need to follow the scripted routes like in the original. Destructible items like the petrol pumps, billboards are all present, a la Burnout series. This city has changed from the old Rock port to the much detailed Fairhaven. You want to know how to or where to download Need for Speed Most Wanted free for XBOX 360, right? Then look no further you will find the it below this article which has the RF version.

It does not belong to the arcade series as told by the developers and they have said it is physical fun filled experience which gives you a deep driving satisfaction. Even though it’s not an arcade style, still it’s not a simulator either. You will have plenty of the real world cars to drive around along with some muscle cars, street racing cars and other exotic cars as the developers like to call them, to drive around as well. Need for Speed Most Wanted XBOX 360 free download is given below, get it and extract all the parts to get the ISO file.

NFS Most Wanted XBOX 360 Region Free Download

The cars as usual can be modified to your liking; it may be the physical appearance or the performance itself. You can use paint or vinyl’s to change the look of your car and you can also use upgrades to suspension, tires, engine and many other things. And oh forgot about the Nitrous Oxide, which you can add and upgrade as well. As this features cop chases and roadblocks this time around you can upgrade your car body as well which will allow you to burst out of any roadblock thrown at you. Getting the region free NFS Most Wanted XBOX 360 free is really simple. Just follow instructions and you will be playing NFS in no time.

After you have all the parts, extract all the parts you will get an ISO file. This you need to burn using the IMGBURN software on a Verbatim DVD or any other compatible DVD that works for you. Use the iHAS burner with burner max firmware to do this as this is an XGD3 version. If you are stuck on LT+ 2.0 then you should upgrade it to LT+ 3.0. NFS Most Wanted XBOX 360 RF download is just below, get it and start playing.

To burn this with truncate method, use the same software but you don’t need the ihas burner and any other normal burner will do. You will have to test the truncate method on the disk as this has not been tested by us. The MP3 trick might work if you run into disc authorization errors. All you need to do is put an mp3 file on a USB/Pen drive and connect it to XBOX 360 and start playing the song. When the song is still playing insert the DVD that you burned and go to dashboard and start the game. When it starts go to the song and stop it from playing and the game will still be in the background and you can return to it and start playing. The 2012 version of Need for Speed Most Wanted region free download is around the corner below this review for all to get for XBOX 360.

Need for Speed Most Wanted was one of the best racers when it was released in the past and the developer would be hoping this would see the same success as the other. If you wandered away from the NFS series as it was no longer as entertaining as before then now is the time to return and give this a try on your consoles and you just might want to keep playing the NFS MW all the time. Following link gives you Need for Speed Most Wanted region free RF version for XBOX 360.

Download Need for Speed Most Wanted XBOX 360 Free


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Burn the ISO using IMGBURN software on a Verbatim DVD or any other compatible DVD you use for burning
    4. You will need the ihas burner with Burner Max firmware to burn this. use optimal setting to burn.
    5. Play.
    6. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

    PS:You can also try using the truncate method and the mp3 trick to play. Read about it in the above article.

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    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks :) :) :)

  6. mcaruso says:

    Thank You!

  7. Kazuma says:

    thanks for the up! been waiting for this one.

  8. p1mp3d1942 says:

    anyone know if it is only kinect? if so that would suck and thanks uploader

    • Kazuma says:

      not its not kinect only.. you can use controller also and kinect as well if you want

      • p1mp3d1942 says:

        thanks for the info

  9. Kazuma says:

    well dont have to worry about this taking up too much space haha.

  10. Elementality says:

    Been out of the 360 scene for a while. I know there have been some changes, but do I need a special burner for this?

    I will probably have to update my firmware.


  11. Kazuma says:

    You can always try a truncated burn but its not 100% guaranteed to work. Best bet is to get an IHAS burner with special firmware and update to LT 3.0.

    Or.. if you have been out of the scene that long and havent updated your dash go RGH your console and never worry about burning again

  12. swizzle23 says:

    Thanks to the uploader, been looking forward to this!

    Just FYI to other downloaders…this release is missing the topology data as it comes from STRANGE so it needs to be run through ABGX360 and patched before burning or else it won’t work.

  13. 11456 says:

    thx man

  14. gryg says:

    Thanks Uploader !

    It works perfectly. Was passed through ABGX then writing with iHas

  15. mlira says:

    i want play this! looks awesome! Thank you

  16. batman says:

    thanks uploader!!

  17. Jim35 says:

    many thanks!! Cheers for the upload :)

  18. smithy024 says:

    3.5Gb Jtag/RGH rip size, possibly smaller if you want to remove non english languages.

  19. GlaM0uRx says:

    Thanks a lot! been waiting for new NFS for so long.

  20. Merlinbr says:

    What can we say… Thanks m8.
    Grabbing and playing right now

  21. guyk says:

    Hope it is as good as the first most wanted , thanks!

  22. debel says:

    Thx uploader!

  23. lisek99 says:

    It says “Disc is not supported”. Anyone can help me?

    • paulo88 says:

      Also getting “Disc not suported”

      • paulo88 says:

        Appears to be missing topology.

        Run through ABGX before burning !

  24. lagl1984 says:

    Thanks a lot! good work

  25. stalyoni says:

    confirmed working on LT2.0 with the patch

    playing it now and it works great

  26. Kurth says:

    Cant start on my RGH console, I press start and get booted back to FSD.

    • explorer says:

      its working perfectly on my rgh console, if its kicking you back to dashboard it is more than likely dashlaunch wants updating
      also what dashboard are you guys on ;)

  27. Halo says:

    Works great in Lt+ 3.0, burned with liteon iHas524b using burnermax on 4x.

    people having problem with “Disc Unsuported” MUST patch the topology on abgx before burning.

    Well, thats it. Lets wait for BO2 to close our year.

  28. wrighty says:

    for people having problems on rgh console 1st get iso 2nd run through abgx 3rd extract to folder 4th then move to console should work fine after that worked for me

  29. ontherun says:

    works perfectly fine. Loved the first Most Wanted hope this one is good as well. just started playing.

  30. icedragon 258 says:

    is it safe to play this game online ?

  31. patrickmwanza says:

    it is working perfectly and i love the games

  32. patrickmwanza says:

    the games are cool and i like them

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