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NBA 2K13

NBA 2K13 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

NBA 2K13 for PC is the best sports title in all categories in our opinion. We just wanted to let you know that first hand because that how great this has become. Download free games which include this and more such titles for everyone from this trusted and safe website. This is the version that keeps getting better and better with every new version released each year. This year is no different as well. For those who are unaware, this is basketball game from 2K Sports who are the publishers and Visual Concepts are the developers. This is released for many consoles which include the major consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. On this page you will find the full PC version and you will find the link for NBA 2K13 free download below this review.

NBA 2K13 as usual is a successor to the last version i.e. 2K12 version and a worthy one at that. Previous version was one of the best NBA titles and there was nothing left to improve upon but somehow the developers have found things to make this a worthy successor to 2K12. They have added content which we would have never thought about. Download NBA 2K13 free for PC then install it by following the instructions given in the comments.

Any developer would have been just happy to wrap the 2K12 version in a new packing and sell it as a new one but 2K Sports didn’t do that here. They have brought us a stunning and a much improved version for us. There are plenty of new things and things that you wouldn’t have thought of in your wildest dreams included. You will find some great additions and some not so important ones but all in all this is one of its kind. NBA 2K13 PC download is what you will find at the bottom of this article.

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Download NBA 2K13 Free for PC


Developers had the courage to change a tried and tested formula and were brave enough to mess with a great version. The result of this messing is a much better experience than before. The controlling gameplay has been changed with some of the moves being assigned to different key presses. We advise you to play this using a controller and the most suitable one will be the Wireless XBOX 360 controller, as playing this with a keyboard/mouse will get boring fast. NBA 2K13 free download is given below for everyone, just get all the parts and extract them using Winrar to get an ISO file which you can then use to install from as a DVD.

One of the major concerns for us about the new controls is that you won’t see any tutorials about it. All you get is a line during the loading screen that says how to use the new controls and that’s about it. None of the other features have been explained as well and you will have to find them on your own or watch videos on YouTube to find them out. Get this by using the parts from links page then install and start playing. The menu system again is a pain in the ass. You will not be able to back away from some of the menus and when you save then save screen still remains there even after the saving is finished which is annoying to say the least.

NBA 2K13 Free Download

This version brings with it something unique and bizarre; you have a celebrity team included in this. The celebs team is led by none other than Justin Bieber himself and they have great attributes as well. The team rating for this team is 97 which is ridiculous but fun considering you can use this team to play against one of the greatest teams of the past like the 1992 Dream Team and enjoy every moment. Free version of this is just a few steps away from here, skip reading and start the process of getting this game.

The MyPlayer mode has also evolved in this version. It has become more like RPG where you will try to get as many skill points as you can using your custom made player and assign these points to increase his attributes. You will gain experience and skill points and become a better player, this will get you a chance to get drafted with the better teams. Sounds fun right? It is believe us. Download NBA 2K13 PC game full version and start playing.

If you forget all the bizarre things like the celebrity teams and the mention of Jay Z, at the core of this is a solid looking game with plenty of hardcore action on the basketball field. This is the reason we said in the first line of this review that this is the best sports game to date we have seen and this is not only true in case of basketball but includes all sports titles. So if you are a fan of hoops and want to try your hand at this then this is your chance to become an All-Star Professional. Following link will give you NBA 2K13 free for PC.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install.
    5. Then copy all files from the Crack folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed the NBA 2K13 on Hard Disk.
    6. Play. When asked to create an online account disagree to the terms or add age below 18.
    7. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

    • drilon says:

      im not understanding first step

      • admin says:

        when you click on the link given on this page you will be taken to the links page. There you will find links in text boxes as well as torrents. To get it you use torrent (only one link) or from direct links from one single box (All links from only one text box)

        • guld says:

          howw ? help please dont understand number 3 to 5 :( im so stupid

        • admin says:

          Hey guld for step 3, just install the daemon tools lite software and then double click on the ISO file you get after extracting.
          Step 4 is simple you will see a DVD in your My Computer screen double click it to install
          In step 5 you need to open that DVD by right clicking and then copy the files from the folder Crack (remember coy the files not the folder) and paste it in NBA 2k14 folder (the one where you installed the game in step 4)

        • john says:

          help me to download

        • admin says:

          What tutorial videos above. They will show you all the steps.

    • zykhi says:

      thank you

    • NANJUMAR says:

      how to install this game ??

      • admin says:

        please read the instructions given above.

    • ivan says:

      i cant understand the first step

      • admin says:

        Click on the green link given in above post and then use jDownloader to get all parts from a single box. Watch the tutorial videos given above to learn more.

  2. pGrim says:

    GOTY baby!
    Thank youuuu!

  3. shevchenko says:

    Finally :)
    Thanks Uploader

  4. darkmani says:

    Thank youu!!!!!!!

  5. Ucrax says:

    Woohoo! This one was fast (i’m looking at you FIFA 13)!

    Can’t wait to start playing this though!

  6. labrador says:

    Wowww. Thanks.
    Fifa 13 Pls…….Pls….
    Waiting Fifa13…

  7. frodo says:

    TYVM can’t wait to create my toon for my player mode :D

  8. vic says:

    Thanks a Lot.

  9. Irengard says:

    Thanks! Was waiting for this one!

  10. xXxkinGxXx says:

    Thanks !! it will be Great
    I’m sooo excited for FIFA 13 though
    :D :D

  11. savesthaday says:

    love you guys so much

  12. illusiondrmr says:

    Thank you very much !!

  13. ONITA says:

    Amazing thanks for the upload!!

  14. RIAA says:

    Just installed and i cant stop playing it. what a story and play.

    • Axiom says:

      i agree been at it since 4 hours and still going

  15. mathzapp says:

    works perfectly. thanks a lot guys

  16. monsour says:


  17. angelo says:

    how to get this nba2k13?

  18. arwin says:

    how to install this because i love it

    • admin says:

      You will find instructions given on the page in comments let us know what step are you not understanding.

  19. jersey says:

    how can i fully get this NBA 2K13?:( anyone can help. . .pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  20. games for free says:

    Terrific! Thanks =)

    • cody says:

      are the surveys a virus?

      • mini says:

        no they are not. Its a way of making money to keep the site alive. Enjoy!!

  21. david says:

    i don’t understand step 1?
    Where is the links and the links page?

    • david says:

      never mind i got it

  22. rj says:

    sir i have a problem..when i finish the download..when i install it and run the setup.exe have pop up say unable to find msi package please help me

    • admin says:

      Did you mount the ISO in daemon tools?

  23. Dave Den says:

    I Don’t Know How to Make Nba 2K13 Fully?? Why…??? Anyone Can Help Me??? Pleaseeeee

    • admin says:

      Read the instructions given in the first comment. You dont need to make anything full its already full version.

  24. Andrew Munroe says:

    i wont 2 play this game so bad

  25. obren says:

    you can play this online.right?

    • admin says:

      no you cannot.

  26. mheljhun gapasin says:

    adek kasi ako sa nba

  27. angelou says:

    adik rin ako sa nba 2k13 ka ka enjoy kasi!!

  28. paulo says:

    certified adik sa nba 2k13

  29. Kevin says:

    can we download or choose any part???

    • admin says:

      What do you mean?

  30. RAJAT says:

    NBA IS GOOD…………………………………………………………..MY FAVRT …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

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    Is A Goodd

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    good game

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    nice game

    • mr.secret says:

      can you teach me how to download nba2k13

      • admin says:

        please watch the videos that are given in tutorial section above.

  34. arnel balingit says:

    very good

  35. vincent says:

    the liks are not working. .

    • admin says:

      Thanks vincent for informing us. We have removed all those dead links and added more working links.

  36. lorence says:

    how to download this game (nba2k13)

    • admin says:

      Watch the tutorial videos given above.

  37. EDWIN says:


  38. EDWIN says:

    i want to break free

  39. DEXTER says:

    wala pang 2k14?

    • admin says:

      Yes its here, just search above.

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  41. Richel Love Adrian says:

    plsss.. give me a video instruction here.. :) thanks :D

  42. andrie says:

    I like Nba 2k13

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    Thanks for Help

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    nba 2k13 rules

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