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Max Payne 3

Max Payne 3 PC Download

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Max Payne 3 is the third in the series developed by Rockstar Studios. This is a third person shooter which is available for the consoles both on PlayStation 3 as well as the Xbox 360. Download games free from this website which offers you all the latest and old full version titles. Remedy Entertainment have not been involved this time and the writer of the previous versions is also out from this, the comes out from the new developers as well as a new writer who wrote the likes of GTA 4, Red Dead Redemption and Bully. If you came here looking to get this for free, then you are on the right page, here you will get Max Payne 3 PC download. The publisher for this is Rockstar Games.


Use This Link for Downloading

Max Payne 3 PC Download Free Full Version


Use the link given above to get full version of Max Payne 3 download for PC. Watch the following video if you have no experience in downloading games from our website. It will show you a step by step way to do just that.


Max Payne 3 Download Free for PC, Install and Play

The first two versions of the series were released for PC and this is where they got popular and then the console versions were released. But this time around there are some changes, the consoles get it first and the PC version is released a month after that, which begs the question will it be better on consoles compared to PC? Throw out those concerns as the PC version is as good as the console counterparts, if not better and the precision that you get from using a mouse for aiming cannot be overlooked for this fantastic game. So we say the PC version is the one you should play if you are interested. If you want to learn how to or where to get Max Payne 3 free download. then you have come to the right place. Watch the tutorial video above and you will have what you are looking for. If you are interested in similar titles then we suggest to find Watch Dogs PC download given here.

Max is retired and is now working in Sao Paulo, Brazil in a security firm that provides security to the rich and famous people. Though he has left his place in New York the demons that he carries in his heart are with him on his new job as well and they are not letting him out of the misery that he suffered. Though the plot is typical of any action title where the wealthy or rich are involved with bullets flying everywhere, the presentation, the acting and the writing make this a bit better than the rest, in the genre. How to get this? If that’s your question then here you have the answer go to the end to find Max Payne 3 free download.

Max Payne 3 PC Download

The new story gets Max into the sunlight unlike the previous games where everything was dark even Max but bringing the story in bright sunlight doesn’t bring Max as well and he is dark inside this time as well. Looking for Max Payne 3 PC download then get it from the end of this page. The detail with which the surroundings of Max are rendered is superb and the setting looks authentic. You will see the nightclubs pouring music into the night, children with footballs playing everywhere in the favelas, hotels with junk food all of which add to the atmosphere. Max Payne 3 download for PC from the end of this page, which will let you experience all of these in real after you get it from our site.

All the scenes do not take place in this new sunny environments there are times when Max suffers from flashbacks that take you to New Jersey where you will play with the old style Max in cold night and with the same clothes that you saw in the earlier games. Though Max is not as rash as he was in the previous iterations he still has the ability to kill dozens of people anytime, this time he uses cover system provided in the game and makes decisions using his mind and not the gun in his hand.  Max Payne 3 free download is available from the bottom of this post, keep reading or skip to it directly.


All in all this is a superb action shooter and a great comeback for our beloved character. If you loved the first two then you are in for a treat with this third one. We loved every bit of it the dark past, the new sunny feeling of Brazil and the new gameplay, all of them make this the best one in the series and you should never miss a chance to see Max in action. Just follow the link given below to get the game and install an play. Another great title similar to this is Spec Ops The Line free full PC version of which is available here.

If you would like any kind of help then don’t hesitate to leave a comment below and we will try to help you as much as possible. So there is no reason for you to not download Max Payne 3 free for PC in its full version form. Use the link given above or the button given below to get Max Payne 3 PC download for free and enjoy it to the fullest.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Install uTorrent. Then click on the green link above and you will see many links. Use the first or any other link (only 1 link is needed) and open it in uTorrent and complete the downloading.
    2. You will get 4 ISO files.
    3. Mount the first ISO file in Daemon Tools lite.
    4. Start Installation. When asked for 2nd DVD mount the 2nd ISO file and similarly for the 3rd and 4th ISO files.
    5. Complete the installation then open the DVD4 and go to Crack folder then install all the updates given in the update folder.
    6. You will also find a folder named “Profiles” in the Crack folder of DVD 4, Copy that folder and paste it in your Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club\ folder. (create both folders if they are not already present)
    7. Copy the Crack files from the Crack folder of the DVD4 to the folder where you installed Max Payne 3 on hard disk.
    8. Play.
    9. Buy it if you like it, to support the developers.

    PS: Do not forget to block it from connecting to internet using a firewall or it will install newer updates and stop working.

    • Y2J says:

      hoe the hell i could block it from internet using firewall???
      Its not working !! please Help..

      • admin says:

        If you have a firewall installed it should ask you when the game tries to connect to internet. That time you should deny permission.

        • fonsako says:

          i have followed the instructions and when i start the game it stops working

        • admin says:

          What error are you getting? Did you try running it as admin.

  2. Sorris says:

    Thank you!

  3. mastick says:


  4. razorbane says:

    Thank you!! Made my weekend

  5. tomi says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  6. 57ryk3r says:

    Thanx.This is an awesome sequel.

  7. chillnax says:

    Thanks! That was fast!

  8. volkanat says:

    thx this is it!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ladydevon says:

    thank you!!!!!

  10. Skylines says:


    Amazing simply a ma zing:D

  11. sener says:

    thanks for the quick upload

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    big thanks for being so quick

  13. Djinn says:

    Thx Finaly you made my day

  14. Kane says:

    really good this is!

  15. OxygenBr says:

    Thanks for the great upload man!

  16. giro says:

    Rocks 100% , But 26GB WoW , TYVM for upload

  17. akurdas says:

    works fine. Just make sure to copy the “profiles” folder(inside the DVD4) into the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club\
    When you first install that folder doesn’t exist.. so start it once and quit and you will find that folder

  18. Frohike says:

    Is it goode, my fellow companions :)

  19. Djinn says:

    Works perfect no problems, just follow instruction.

    On section in info saids place PROFILE from crack in my documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club\). you need to start once after the video exit, then the folder is created in there.

  20. Colt45Joe says:

    had problem with being stuck on loading screen after logging in.

    fixed this by starting from where i installed it . before, i was trying to start from start menu shortcut.
    I also set compatibility mode to vista (service pack2), and to run as admin. i dunno if that helped.

    also had problem with getting logged out of social club thing while playing, and being taken back to main menu.

    fixed this by blocking both max payne 3.exes with windows 7 firewall

  21. zativaz says:

    Works PERFECT
    Thanks! Wonderful ! love3

  22. shft says:

    Thanks mate, seems nice, im gonna try it

  23. baz2 says:

    followed the instructions and it worked. fucking awesome guys!!!! drunk as fuck and loving it. peace out.

  24. herbetone says:

    Brilliant…..many thanks :)

  25. m0neymike says:

    followed the directions in the instructions and everything works fine, played up to chapter 5 so far no problem

  26. dyoni says:

    For me too! No problems and played up to chapter V

  27. soulmate says:

    thank you very much!! :D

  28. si69 says:

    Works for me.

    DX11 runs like shit though,20-40fps, DX10 160fps.

    Win7 64 Core i7920@3.8 GTX680

    Make sure you copy the cracked profile into Documents\RockstarGames\Social Club. Not the one in the installation folder like I was doing at first. DOH. Then you should have a profile you can use when you start playing


  29. Toasterrr says:

    works great! thx

  30. technoboy22 says:

    Guys this is pretty fun!

  31. Dugnuts says:

    Played this O.K. for about half an hour

  32. Frobe says:

    I followed the instructions.
    Only thing that was slightly offset was the fact that I had to create the “C:\Users\%USER%\Documents\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 3” manually which should be the case for everyone since the folder wont be created untill first start of the application.
    Before running the application for the first time make sure to go into the Windows Advanced Firewall settings and block both MaxPayne3 and PlayMaxPayne3 for all outgoing communication.

  33. FiFtY2303 says:

    i have another problem:

    working fine…just one problem:

    when i trie to adjust the GRAPHIC settings i cant, cuz it says that i dont have enough video memory…on the bottom of the GRAPHIC SETTINGS screen it says:
    400MB/0MB in RED and i can’t confirm the ajusted settings…so its on default settings(DX11 and all to HIGH)

    WTF? so i suspect it doesn’t recognize my graphical card or something?

    i run Win7 64bit SP1 on an i650 with 4GB DDR3 ram and a ATI RADEON HD 5750 1GB ram

    i have updated the DirectX…i run other new games with no problem on MED settings

    aynbody with the same problem?

    • FiFtY2303 says:

      solved the problem with updateing my GPU drivers from 11.5 to 12.4 works now

  34. granny says:

    I gotta say, Best Max ever!

  35. danilouruk says:

    THX A LOT!!!

  36. broko says:

    thx uploader,works like a charm

  37. Apple says:

    Works great!

  38. letalshot says:

    thanks for the great UP

  39. mastick says:

    ust block the internet for the exe. files.
    works perfect on my win7 64bit

    So far, A nice action but A failure to capture the Noir feel of the past titles

  40. contaantonio says:

    This release works just fine!

  41. carol ijam says:

    i want install this game for my pc..why cannot hah??:(

    • admin says:

      did you read the instructions. Its all given there follow the steps exactly and you will have it working in no time.

  42. KAMAR says:


  43. Mayank says:

    Okay now that earlier problem has been solved bt now the jdownloader is not responding the comp. system is saying that it is old version and it is not working please help

    • admin says:

      Download the latest version from there site and try. Update Java as well it requires Java.

      • Mayank Maida says:

        And none of the torrent link is working

        • admin says:

          The torrents are working at least on our end. They might be blocked in your country. Some countries are blocking torrent sites so you should check that. In any case we will add some more torrent links for you to download in some time. :)

      • Mayank says:

        how can i do it please explain

        • admin says:

          use he link on the left side of this site to download the latest version.

        • Mayank says:

          please name it

  44. salah says:

    i can’t find the link plaese help me :D

    • admin says:

      Its right there given in green. Watch the video given above if you don’t understand where.

  45. devesh says:

    game is not open peoperly

    • admin says:

      Follow the instructions properly and it should work.

  46. GABRIEL.S.B. says:

    When I open the game the bill comes just saying that you must be connected to the internet to activate Max Payne 3.
    Would please me help?

    • admin says:

      First Uninstall the game and then Watch the video and follow each step exactly while installing. Also make sure you turn your internet off. See if it works after that.

  47. bittu says:

    good game

  48. saqib riaz says:


  49. saqib riaz says:

    good game

  50. abid makky says:

    good game

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