Posted on Oct 20, 2012
Mark of the Ninja

Mark of the Ninja PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Mark of the Ninja is a stealth side scrolling action which is developed by Klei Entertainment. In this you play as the master ninja with deadly tattoos all over his body.  The takes place across 16 stages divided into four areas. Each of the stage is open to explore which enables you variety of options to tackle the objectives. You will really enjoy this side scrolling action if you have played any such titles in the past. The majority of the game depends on the movement from one point to another, but this can be achieved by numerous different ways. Mark of the Ninja free download is what is offered at the bottom of this page.

The ninja that you control moves at a slow pace which is deliberately kept that way. You have the option of running which has the downside of revealing your position to the enemies due to the noise of the footsteps. The ninja has the ability to climb on walls and also on some types of ceilings. Download Mark of the Ninja free for PC then follow instructions given at the end to install and play. You also have a hookshot type of ability which will allow you to latch on to ceiling grates or lampposts which will lead you into a hidden tunnel which enables you to move stealthily. Enemies will be present at all stages in variety of locations. Enemies take a fixed route, which after finishing they will turn back and come to their original location. This is very similar to the classic stealth game and allows the players to plan the enemy’s route and then decide the best action suitable. Mark of the Ninja PC download is now online for everyone for PC. You also have variety of tools at your disposal to deter the enemy from taking his usual path. These items include small traps, noise making bombs and darts which can be used to break the nearby lights.

Mark of ninja increases the difficulty at a steady rate by the way of enemy variety. At the beginning you will face simple and predictable enemy soldiers and they can be killed easily by using stealth kill mechanics. Want to know how to get or where to get Mark of the Ninja free download for PC then you have arrived at the right place. Then in the next missions new enemies will be introduced with shields and these enemies can be killed only from behind. A dog which has a smell radius can detect you, however hidden you are. In the later stages even enemies also have such a detection radius; some possess night vision goggles and flashlights. This variety of enemies will force you to utilize new strategies, tools and abilities. There are always different options at each level for you to take down the enemy or to avoid him entirely. Get Mark of the Ninja for PC from the bottom of this page using torrents or direct links. After that extract the parts using Winrar or 7zip to get an ISO file which you can burn on a DVD or use daemon tools and mount it and install from the DVD you see in My Computer. There are multiple entry and exit points available for each level. At the end of each stage you will be awarded points for remaining entirely stealthily or for killing every enemy on that level.

Mark of the Ninja Free Download

In addition to variety of enemies, each level has different traps, puzzles and hazards to take care of. Some of the puzzles are complex and can be frustrating at times.

This is 2D side scrolling action but the graphics are pretty and the animations are top notch. It resembles classic cartoon network samurai jack. The soundtrack is decent and supports the theme very well. Mark of the Ninja download is just below this post, get it for PC and start playing.

Mark of the Ninja is a must play title for a fan of a good stealth action game. No matter what you might have read so far or haven’t read you should give this a try and see for yourself how good this is. Following link gives you full version of Mark of the Ninja free for PC.

Download Mark of the Ninja Free Full Version


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15 Responses to “Mark of the Ninja”

  1. admin

    Install Instructions

    1. Go to links page and use links given in any one of the boxes to get the full version.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD. Go to My Computer and you will see a DVD in the drive.
    4. Install..
    5. Play. Use game.exe file from Mark of the Ninja\bin folder to start.
    6. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

  2. sandvic

    thx for the full good version

  3. przemek

    thanks a lot man!!

  4. sfivmirrorc

    Thanks for the upload

  5. tasoss

    does it crash only on me?using windows 7

    • Bloodsack

      Fix for crashing:

      For some reason, when launching using the shortcut results to a crash. But if you directly click on .exe (found in install directory, usually: C:\Program Files\Mark of ninja\game.exe) it launches fine – no need for compatibility mode or anything else

      So… basically, instead of going to the install directory all the time, simply delete the shortcut the installer has generated and create a shortcut for yourself of the above said file on your desktop. That’s it

      • tasoss

        it works! thanks!

  6. mpl64

    many thanks…

  7. Killerbean

    i second that. can’t wait for ninjary goodness

  8. ryuu

    Thank you! I’ve been waiting for this one.

  9. corey

    thanks man

  10. bazthegun

    cheers dude.

    for any of you guys having hassle, it worked for me after running as administrator!
    hope that helps

  11. NonSmokin

    As said earlier using the game.exe file from the Mark of the Ninja folder works perfectly.

    Just right click on the .exe file and create shortcut and copy it to your desktop if you like or start menu or anywhere you want.

  12. rrowe

    It’s true what NonSmokin says. Use the game.exe in installation folder(After applying the appropriate cracks, if necessary). If you don’t like venturing into that folder every time you wanna play, then just ‘create shortcut’ on Desktop of THAT .exe.
    Never use the .exe shortcut that was created while installing

  13. amireraki

    Thanks. works perfectly. just read comments if you have problems.

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