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Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

It is an open world adventure and contains elements of racing, third person shooter and open world play. It is the next version in the GTA series and takes place in a fictional location named as Liberty city, which is largely inspired by New York. The fictional story spins around the character named Niko Bellic and you will be playing as this character in this new GTA game. GTA 4 PC download is given below this review, just use the links to get it and install using the ISO file you get from the torrent. Learn how to or where to download GTA 4 free for PC using the following link and start playing by installing it using the instructions.

Use This Link for Downloading

GTA 4 PC Download Free Full Version


GTA 4 download for PC given here is online now for everyone to enjoy. This is one of those games that became wildly popular and for good reason. There is nothing like this on the market until GTA 5 comes out and it has now.


GTA 4 Free Download for PC, Install and Play

Niko Bellic is a person who comes from army background. He is a war hero, after his retirement he comes to New York to get a secured life. But suddenly he finds himself in the middle of corruption, crimes of all sorts and a very dangerous world which is run by mafia gangs. The story spins around the acts he performs during his journey throughout the city. Grab GTA 4 PC download from this page, you will not regret it.

Gameplay looks exactly similar to its predecessor. It is very linear and focuses more on the story line. It provides an open world environment to be explored by the player. Player can roam around the city; he can walk, climb and can jump across the restrictions. Player participates in combats that include gun fights and melee attacks. Player is allowed to use stealth moves to defeat enemy. You also perform certain acts such as stealing a car by killing bad guy to travel around city. GTA 4 free download for PC is what you will get from this website.

Player gets a chance to drive many exotic cars, boats, helicopters and motorcycles.  To make your progression, you have to complete the missions and many side missions that come in your way. Main missions are mainly divided into three parts, first part usually consist of reaching the objective in no time by using varieties of vehicle that are available, second part includes the combat section, where you have to fight against the enemies that are acting as obstacles between you and your goal and third one is escaping from that location to avoid further conflicts. GTA IV free download is just below this article, get it and enjoy.

Grand Theft Auto 4 Free Download

Player finds many useful features that give him certain advantages. Like if you die in any mission, you will get a quick chance to play that mission from last check point that too without losing the weapons that are earned during your journey. Get Grand Theft Auto IV from this page and then play. Cover system also found some improvements as compared to its previous version. Now player can easily hide behind the covers and he can even quickly switch between these covers to avoid bullet injuries. You can also blind-fire towards the enemy, by keeping yourself out of enemy’s sight. Let us give you GTA 4 download, if that’s what you were looking for then you have reached the correct page.

Just read this article or go straight ahead and use the links provided (one above and one below) to get to the links page that you are here for. We also have GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City free download available online here for everyone. Once you finish playing full version of GTA 4 free download, you can start with couple of new stories with two new DLCs included in GTA Episodes from Liberty City .

The control system has become much easier, now you can easily switch between your buttons to adjust your camera angle, to drop some text messages or to change the music.  Just like its predecessor characters are highly detailed. Grand Theft Auto 4 download is offered for everyone from the bottom of this post. Environments around the city are simply great to look at, they contain buildings that are built with modern touch and crowded areas in the market give us a feel of real world. Night clubs and shopping malls are introduced to support the main character and you will enjoy your ride around the city in a detailed vehicle. Get GTA 4 full version PC game then use the steps given below this page to install it.

The instructions to install and play this have been given at the end of this post in the comments sections. If you don’t understand any of the steps then we also have created video tutorials for each part. Just watch these tutorials to learn how to follow the steps and you will be ready to play. Remember we are giving you GTA 4 free download for PC here, so go ahead and get it immediately and start playing. If you have any problems or feedback about anything related to this game then don’t hesitate to leave a comment and we will get back to you with a solution as soon as possible.


One thing is for sure you will not be disappointed while playing this we can assure you that much. With the release of GTA V the bar has been further raised in this genre but as of this time it’s only available on consoles and we are hoping that the PC version comes out soon. The rumors have been surfacing that a PC version is in the works and might be released at a later date but we cannot say when that date will come. UPDATE: GTA V PC Download is now available for everyone on our site, get the full version free for PC from here.

The audio looks impressive as it includes some clever voice acting along with varieties of sound effects. This needs to be played on a high end PC to fully enjoy the visuals. Explore every part of the city by adjusting the graphics setting to maximum and enjoy a nice ride. Following link gives you full version of Grand Theft Auto 4 PC download for free.

Downloading and Installing

First install μTorrent and Daemon Tools Lite by getting them from the link provided in the sidebar on the left. Once installed use the link provided above or below to go to the links page. There choose any one of the links (first link should be enough) and open it in μTorrent. Save the files to a folder of your choice and complete GTA 4 PC Download. You will get full version of GTA 4 in 2 ISO files.

Now to use these ISO files we are going to use Daemon Tools Lite that we installed earlier. Go to the folder that has the ISO files and double click the first ISO file that says rzr-ga4a.iso. This will bring a new DVD in the virtual DVD drive that was created by the software. Open that DVD and start installation by running the setup file. You will be asked for the second disk midway through the installation. At that time double click the second ISO file named rzr-ga4b.iso. The installation will finish and you will have your GTA 4 free download that you were looking for.

Before you start playing though, you need to copy all the files from the Razor1911 folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed the game. Only then can you play it. Dont forget to read the install instructions given below for more instructions and comments if you are having any issues. Have Fun :)

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Go to links page and use links from any one box to get the full version.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get 2 ISO files.
    3. Mount the 1st ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install, also install rockstar social club and xlive when asked during setup.
    5. Then copy all files from the Razor1911 folder of the DVD1 to the folder where you installed GTA 4 on Hard Disk. Replace original files when asked.
    6. Start GTA, do not log into rockstar social club.
    7. If you are asked to install the latest update of xlive then do so.
    8. Start GTA 4.
    9. Press the home button and create a new xlive offline account.
    10. Play.
    11. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

    • marcusvieira says:

      like it

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        like it

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        yes like it best game ever

      • jethro.gacosta says:

        is good

    • max says:


    • willy says:

      gimana cara download game nya???

      • admin says:

        watch the tutorial videos you can find them at the top of this page. here is the link anyways tutorials

        • Ankit says:

          there is problem showing when i oopen the game after installation

        • admin says:

          What problem are you having?

        • Ankit says:

          when i open the installed game then there is a notice says that ” The ordinal 43 could not be loacated in the dynamic link library C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\xlive.dll.”

        • admin says:

          You need to install “Games for Windows Live” software. See if you can find it on the game folder or get it from Google.

        • Ankit says:

          okk thanx yrr

        • Ankit says:

          will it support to the windows 10..?? the game openes but does not play.

        • admin says:

          Uninstall it and then right click on the setup and select properties and click the Compatibility tab. Run the program in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

        • Ankit says:

          the game opens but when i click the start the images are coming again and again and i cant change the graphic settings

        • admin says:

          Install the latest Games for Windows Live software from here

        • Ankit says:

          when i open the game it says that “GTA $ FATAL ERROR: DFA did not initialize properly”… means what..??

        • admin says:

          Try installing the update you get from the torrent. And copy the files from that update Crack folder to the GTA 4 install folder.

        • Ankit says:

          should it support to windows 10 or not..???

        • admin says:

          Yes it does.

      • MIDZI says:

        HI WILLY

      • Ankit says:

        when i open the game it says “gta 4 fatal erroe xnetsatrtup plz reboot ur system and reinstall”

        • admin says:

          Install all the .net framework updates. Also Install the update Update. that comes with the torrent.

      • j says:

        like same.

        • basim says:

          what is the activation code for this

        • admin says:

          No activation code. Watch tutorial video, you dont need anything.

    • saad says:

      yo i want to download gt4 grand of theft game on coumpter <3

    • cassandrew says:

      how much gb dvd do i need

      • admin says:

        You will need dual layer DVDs. But you don’t need to burn it, you can use a software called daemon tools lite which creates a virtual DVD. See tutorial page to know how.

        • gerard says:

          what if i don’t have a dual dvds?
          is their any possible sites i could visit?

        • admin says:

          You don’t actually need DVD just use daemon tools lit it creates a virtual DVD driver where you can mount the ISO file you get here and it will work as a real DVD. Enjoy :)

        • jaskarn singh says:

          how to download gta 4 full game

        • admin says:

          watch the tutorial videos given above and you will learn.

    • rully says:

      thanks :D

      • Mr KrittKritt says:

        its works or not ?

    • bhupinder sandhu says:

      i like it

    • pootis says:

      still dont know

      • admin says:

        watch tutorial videos given above.

    • ricky says:

      part 120 i can’t download , why? if download with another link it’s work or not ?

      • admin says:

        which links are you using?

        • Maddy says:

          When I open the GTA IV Application it says The Ordinal 42 could not be located in the dynamic link library C:/Windows/SYSTEM32/xlive.dll

        • admin says:

          As told in instructions you need to install xlive software. Watch and follow the video.

    • Mihajlo says:

      Very nice,tanx!!!

    • ..LOL says:

      can i play it on Intel Atom n450 1.67 Ghz, 1 GB RAM 44GB free ??memory??Please reply quick

      • admin says:

        no you cannot. You need a good system to play this.

    • fire says:

      it not work me

      • admin says:

        whats the problem, please explain so that we can help.

    • server says:

      your game was good and links also

    • dd says:

      nice game

    • reggie says:

      i dont like it i love it

    • tropojani says:

      thanks man.. nice one

    • Mims mOdder 07 says:

      would i be a able to mod from it using lcpdfr or beta 7

      • admin says:

        Sorry don’t know about it. We haven’t done any modding but it should work. You can try and let everyone else know if you can.

    • avdi AL says:

      like it

    • shashank says:

      is it full or demo????

      • admin says:

        Obviously its full. Please read the article its mentioned there.

    • abin says:

      it says everythingis offline

      • admin says:

        We have removed all the dead links. Now use torrent links to get it. Enjoy :)

    • Zaighum says:

      can this game run on lenovo thinkad x200

      • admin says:

        Yes I think it will work at lower setting.

    • stjepan says:

      i like it

    • i like it says:

      l like it

    • hamza says:

      it a very good

    • ismail says:

      this game is good

    • manavbazarh says:


    • lia says:

      zalian kargi tamashia gta 4

      • admin says:

        English please.

    • Malgahar says:

      thank you so much

    • Arun Appu says:

      Can I run GTA IV?
      Windows 7 Ultimate{64bit}

      Intel(R) Core 13-2100 CPU @3.10Ghz
      Ram 2GB

      And can I run GTA V with this?

      • admin says:

        4 may run if you have good graphics card. But 5 wont run.

        • Arun Appu says:

          Will it still be laggy if I put it in lower settings? I don’t have a graphics card. I am planning to buy one.

        • admin says:

          Yes it will be laggy or may not work at all if you dont have graphics card.

    • A CrazyGamer says:

      Hey, I’m getting this error: SecuLauncher: Failed to start application(2000). What do I do?

      • admin says:

        Install vcredist_x86.exe from Redistributable folder from DVD 1

    • Ziead says:

      is there is sound in the game ?

      • admin says:

        Yes there is sound, obviously.

  2. ElectriKiss says:

    thanks :)

  3. asiaph says:

    thank you!

  4. eddyda says:

    Big thx mate :=) law ya (A)

  5. joxxville says:

    Great upload! now it’s running smooth on highest graphics, great!

  6. Cullyn says:

    thank you uploader. Thank you! :-)

    • watson says:

      hey freind i want to play gta 4 in offline mode how to do so

      • admin says:

        just follow instructions to play offline.

  7. baro says:

    My GTA4’s running fine thank you :)

  8. juniordeco says:

    thanks man.. nice one

  9. sharing is caring says:

    Thanks ! I can finally play. without any problems.

    • waise raza says:

      how to instaal pleaz tell me

      • admin says:

        watch the video from the article.

  10. johnny johnny says:

    It worked!!! i love you… :D

  11. hollyoak says:

    I installed GTA IV and playing for 3 hours straight. Hope they bring GTA 5 for pc also.

    • watson says:

      hey dude tell me how to play gta 4 online

      • admin says:

        you cannot play online. Only offline play is possible.

        • saifo says:

          i cant belive that it is work

  12. robzks says:

    Thank you for the upload! Cheerssssss

  13. The Fast One says:

    TnX FoR UpDatE =] :)

  14. Kaporr says:

    TNX, hopefully police will chase me again :D

  15. hoarder loose says:

    Love this game, but I wish there was a “Slo-mo” function on foot, similar to the one when ur in a car, change the cam to external & press “G” to go slo-mo!

  16. FienD says:

    Runs on higher settings with better fps.
    (win 7 64bit)

    Thanks a lot!

  17. giraff says:

    Fan-tastic :D Finally playing. Cheers boys & girls

  18. DogalCan says:

    many thx, have the impression it works a lot better. If some1 could give me any advice how to play online with this i would really appreciate.

  19. blue says:

    Nice rls, better peformance… Thx

    • koper says:

      hey wait

  20. Platoon says:

    lol, 1920×1080, all maxed out very high and 100. Average fps 65 hahaha. GTX295default and i920 3.6GHz
    Now thats how to play this

  21. Stone says:

    thank you! runs really great (50-60fps!)

  22. Chillabis says:

    Ty for this uploader! :D:D:D
    runs better on my new pc :)

  23. samerbo says:

    Very Thanks

  24. Zahmzan says:

    For everyone with “NO VOICE PROBLEM”

    The problem is the game switches the sound too surround, if u dont have surround u dont hear any voices especially if u play with headphones. Just switch the sound too Headphone or any other and the voices will MAGICALLY reappear ;)

  25. iLLADEL says:

    Yes! YES! YESS!! Finally i can play. GOt a new pc

  26. pshahar says:

    worked great. thanks

  27. Canitrusorph says:

    thank you very fucking much.:D

  28. gpelaez says:

    release work fine, i verified just now

  29. onge says:

    this works just as good as an original

  30. adilaslam says:

    Yesssssssss, it works

  31. rhcp says:

    Oh my God something that was missing from my collection.

  32. BOGDANiZER says:


    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  33. robertnas99 says:

    Thanks! works great

  34. aeigamisu says:

    Thanks a lot – cheer :D

  35. ninjaaa says:

    ty very much for the upload !!!

    i burned it on DVD and installed. Everything is good

  36. h5n007 says:

    this ROCKS!

    thanks UPLOADER

  37. abcdigs says:

    thanx uploader! best game ever! 10/10

  38. gozzilla says:

    awesome …….maybe the best of all times !!!! :D:D

  39. lexmonkey says:

    Thanks works great and smoothly.

  40. workinghard9 says:

    Works Great for Me…

  41. maqen says:

    amazing release… all the credits to the uploader…

  42. jaminiah says:

    Thanks to uploader from UK!!

    This works 100% perfect on my machine.

  43. chanie says:

    this game work perfectly

  44. tommyvercettinotmicheal says:

    will this causes viruses

    • admin says:

      no it doesnt cause any viruses. Enjoy it :)

  45. fendy says:

    mantap coy

  46. andi says:

    i tis very good

  47. meliss says:

    Does this work on Windows 8?

    • admin says:

      Yes it works. If you have any problems then ask here.

      • NO Name says:

        i keep getting xlive.dll is missing message

        • admin says:

          reinstall games for windows live software. Or reinstall the complete game and when it asks to install the software say yes.

  48. meliss says:

    Hi admin,
    do you have 1 download link with the full game? Or should i download all the links from 1 box?

    • admin says:

      For that you can use the torrents. Only one link can be used with utorrent. For direct links you need to get all the parts from a single box.

  49. Tracy blinks obiri boateng says:


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