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FIFA 13 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Every year EA’s Fifa is released taking a big leap forward from the previous year’s release. FIFA 12 was a great but compared to 2013 year’s version it looks outdated and outclassed. You get to download games free like this one, FIFA 2013 and more from this website.

The new version has received sizable number of tweaks and improvements. All these new changes bring FIFA experience close to the live pitch action. It is unpredictable as the real football match is. That’s what makes it interesting this year. FIFA 13 free download for PC is now online from the following link.

Use This Link for Downloading

Download FIFA 13 Full Version Free


First touch physics of players has undergone notable change. In earlier version player even with a low rating of 60 could receive a lobbed pass with great ease and the ball used to stick unrealistically to the players legs. This iteration has added authentic ball physics. Now the physics takes into account whether the ball is spinning, the speed of the ball- and what the receiver is doing whether running or stationary. Download FIFA 13 free for PC and keep on playing this great new soccer/football game.

When a player is receiving a lobbed pass, it bounces off his body or head. Depending upon player’s skill level, the ball will be controlled. This will add a new dimension of risk to the long passing.  If the defender doesn’t have required skill set then defending a long pass is a potential nightmare. With a weak defender it’s advised to put the ball out of play rather than trying to provide a fine pass to teammate. FIFA 13 PC download is given below, get it from direct links or torrents and get the ISO.

Attacking AI has been improved considerably. Off the ball runs of the AI keeping them onside gives the feeling that entire team is involved in the attack which the previous versions were lacking. The overall attacking play feels realistic.

FIFA 13 PC Download

Dribbling mechanics also have been tweaked, taking hints from Fifa Street to give better control to the players on the ball. Pressing both trigger buttons and using left stick activates precision dribbling. Depending upon individual players score the dribbling dynamics change. This new mechanics makes one-on-one battles more interesting. Players in possession are able to fake an opponent and create opportunities based on their abilities. This is again improved with the player impact engine. Players can now push and shove opponents off the ball. All these improvements make for a more physical game.

The new free-kick tactics now offer great new options to the players. Players can create unpredictable free-kicks. The player will be allowed to position up to three players over the ball faking a kick and dummy runs before the selected player blasts the ball home. This also enables better attacking passing option during kicks. FIFA 13 free PC download from the bottom of this page can be done easily.

Defenders can now man-mark a threatening player or charge towards the attacker. While defending, defenders can be added to the wall and even the wall can be moved forward. Players now can edit set piece tactics using the tactics editor.

Graphics have received a noticeable uplift and combined with the player impact engine it feels authentic overall. Player models now better resemble their real life counterparts than the previous versions. Fans are louder when a certain team is on attack and chants are more clearly audible.

Mini skill game in lets you test your skills in dribbling, passing and shooting in the arena which helps developing playing skills as well as improving player scores. You guys are still with us instead of playing this? Just visit the link at the end of this review for FIFA 13 free download.

This feels like a whole new way of playing Fifa. The new first touch physics, dribbling mechanics and AI improvement need some time to master and provide a new challenge. The gameplay is worth mastering. It will make you forget the previous versions and feels ever so close to a football simulation. To sum it up this looks stunning and is ready for a kickoff. Link below will give you full version of this for PC which you can get here, after that follow instructions to install and play.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install.
    5. Then copy all files from the Crack folder of the DVD to the folder “Fifa 13\Game” where you installed Fifa 13 on Hard Disk.
    6. Remember to block all exe files using a firewall or you will not get it working.
    7. Use setup to start. You can find this in FIFA 13\Game\Fifasetup folder.
    8. Play. If you have origin installed then never login form there just use offline option. Keep away from any online options. (We recommend to uninstall origin altogether)
    9. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

    • AGNES says:

      funktioniert!!!!!!!! dank!!!!!!!!!!

      • erick kea says:

        it’s a cool game i like it

    • EVert says:

      danke. lieber Herr. works!!!!!!

    • SeeyuO says:

      fungerer!!!!!!! takke deg!!!!!!!!!!

  2. martian says:

    eagerly waiting for this.

  3. narssice2112 says:

    hi a wait for this!!!!!

  4. malcomx says:

    finally its here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hoorayyyyyyyyyyyy
    finished already

    • Ofentse Lil'Drop Sankie says:

      please send me a key product for this game FiFa13

      • admin says:

        You dont need product key. Just follow the instructions exactly as told and you will be fine.

  5. psyko666 says:

    Great up!


  6. tremiso says:

    good news downloading immediately

  7. Genro says:

    Finally :) Thx

  8. foxhound says:

    thnx uploader. already installed and started playing

    others who have finished may be someone can answer me this.

    with be a pro , how can u select whole teams when against a friend. local same tv.

  9. naopako says:

    finally. hope it’s working..

    • foxhound says:

      i confirm it works. Played it for an hour or so

  10. fanban says:

    thx.. now downloading..

  11. vergamota says:

    Thanks a lot.

  12. Yairb says:

    Thanks very much waited a long time for this !
    :) :)

  13. mmofanatic says:

    great one this year. thanks a lot for uploading quickly

  14. Desertfox says:

    Thanks! Finally this will hold me over until Football Manager 2013

  15. Muhannad says:


  16. picotl says:

    it works perfect. Absolutely no crashes.

    Finally, thx to guys in RLD

  17. NeXsGen says:

    other games you play through and put em on a shelf…meanwhile pes/fifa can be played for years without getting nowhere boring, especially vs human players online…

    i for one am getting this for years of playing time :P :P

  18. eak says:

    Thx! RELOADED 4ever! ;)

  19. moamen says:

    OMG OMG OMG OMG it worked.

    thank you!!! thank you!!

  20. Hazarduos says:

    anyone can confirm its working or not

    • moamen says:

      i do i do. it worked for me. i m a total noob so had to follow instructions perfectly.

  21. awarwithin says:

    idk about everyone else but i get stuck at the first loading screen and if I’m lucky it will go to the language and then it will just stay there :/

    • dkochinski says:

      Try running from “fifaconfig.exe” in “FIFA 13\Game\fifasetup”

      • awarwithin says:

        damn skipped step 7 in excitement. Its working now.
        thanks dkochinski for pointing that out

  22. Dansk says:

    Works. Playing in the career mode. I would people to disconnect net.

  23. redordead says:

    Just did everything from the instructions
    install, crack, start from \fifasetup, turn origin offline.
    Enter FIFA, choose lang

    start match. Wonderful work. THNX

  24. marcin1989 says:

    It works fine for me. Thanks

  25. kikofreitas says:

    thanks for upload

  26. oneway says:

    Thanks so much. Followed instructions and entered via the Fifa 13 config utility..Played a few matches no problem now.

    Oh, and the Mexican commentary is money.

  27. Korpy says:

    thx uploader working great played 10 matches in career no problems. for commentary change is in setting french,english and mexican spanish and more i guess that sounds awesome

  28. Korpy says:

    for anyone who has problems with crashes if u have origin delete that crap u dont need it if u have block internet connection and run fifa tru fifaconfig

  29. Xsmart says:

    man i ve waited a long time for this. finally.. thanks admin if you want i can have your babies. love you mate. :* :* :* :* :*

    • lilian says:

      me too. :0 :)

  30. trvorR says:

    works perfectly. Thank you good sir

  31. mathzapp says:

    it workssssssssss!!!!!!!

  32. Emily says:

    thanks alot

  33. poppay says:

    i luv football and fifa 13 is the best. :) thank you

  34. savesthaday says:

    i followed the instructions and everything works perfect for me. win 7 x64.

  35. pshahar says:

    Thank you

  36. aviv says:

    If it crashes when you are about to start a match try updating the graphic card’s drivers,it worked for me.

  37. yak1r says:

    Many thanks! works great, awesome! really!!

  38. Kant says:

    Works perfectly.

    All i did install use fifaconfig from \fifasetupto to change setting then started it using FIFA13.exe. it worked perfectly.

    Didn’t block anything in the Firewall. When it started it said “no internet connection available”. I have Windows Firewall Enabled and it asks me if anything wants to use the net and it didn’t ask when I started this.

    Works without any problems. on Win 7 x64

    BTW it is installed in “D” drive not on the windows drive.

  39. surya says:

    nice and really very awesome

  40. lawernce says:

    fifa is a really gud

  41. junior says:

    awesome!!!!!! really…..

  42. Agent says:

    Good website. Thanks a lot for posting this for free. i m loving it.

  43. mattymatt says:

    Merry Christmas!!!!!!

  44. jevstar says:

    i love to play fifa 13
    its awesome

  45. gaml5 says:


  46. blacksnow says:

    This is an awesome soccer game thank you for share

  47. sagar kc says:

    this isthe best gamei have ever palyed

  48. chivano says:


  49. Dan says:

    nice game

  50. Protocol says:

    is all the size of the part are 513,024 KB?

    • admin says:

      they will be from the box you are downloading from and only the last part will be smaller size. Other boxes have different sizes.

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