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Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 PC Download

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Far Cry 3 is the third title in the series as you can guess from its name. You can download free games which are all full versions of all the latest and greatest titles, from this site. This is developed and published by Ubisoft with many of the Ubisoft companies from different places contributing in the development. As usual it is developed for PS3, XBOX 360 and PC. Here you have the PC version given for free and elsewhere on this site you will find the XBOX 360 version as well. Full version of Far Cry 3 PC download for free is what you came here for, Right? Then you will find it using the following link.

Use This Link for Downloading

Far Cry 3 PC Download Free Full Version


Far Cry 3 is a sequel to the last one, Far Cry 2. It takes place on an island which is situated somewhere between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. You will be trying to save your friends who have been kidnapped and your only goal after that would be to get a long way away from this island. Use the link given above to get full version of Far Cry 3 download for free to play on your PC, and don’t forget to follow the instructions given.


Far Cry 3 Download for Free, Install and Play


Far Cry 3 is a shooter which takes place in an open world with some elements of RPG genre thrown in. You will find the experience point system and skill tree that we see in many of the RPGs. Download Far Cry 3 free for PC from this page and follow instructions to install and play.

Full Version of Far Cry 4 PC download is now available on our site here.

In this new version cover system has been employed and this means you can take cover from enemies while in a battle. You can peek from the cover to take a shot at the enemy who is bothering you. You can use the cover as a way of getting out of sight from the enemies who are bombarding you with bullets. The blindfire option is also present which lets you fire bullets while still being in the cover position so that you are safe. Far Cry 3 PC download for free is now online for download from the link given after this post.

The developers have also said that the maps are 10 times bigger than any of the previous installments and this gives us an indication that this is still a sandbox style game but with bigger maps, it almost feels like an open world. It introduces silent takedowns similar to Assassins Creed where you can kill an enemy by either pouncing from the top or bottom on him or by performing a melee attack from close range. Far Cry 3 free download is just around the corner on this page, download and enjoy this great adventure.

Far Cry 3 PC Download

The main aim of the story is to rescue your friends who have been captured by the pirates. This is the mission that takes most of the center stage but there are plenty of other missions that you can play and the kidnapping is a just a small part of a bigger pool of missions.

In order to carry guns and ammo you will be asked to hunt animals which in turn give you the material to create bags from their skin of course. Each type of weapons and ammo requires you to kill a different species of animal and get their skin to create the bag. Why this has been done this way is none of our concern as it’s immensely fun to go on such missions. Far Cry 3 free download for PC is given here, if you want to know how to or where to get this then you are on right track here.

You will be playing the role of Jason Brody, who is a tourist visiting from America with his friends. In the journey to find your friends you will encounter countless number of wild animals along with the pirates who are trolling these areas. Also present are the rebels and other civilians trying to live in this hostile atmosphere. Far Cry 3 download for PC is available below, just get the full version and start playing.

It feels a lot better in terms of the stealth elements which the developers had actually intended from the first Far Cry itself. And Far Cry 3 looks a lot polished and better than Far Cry 2. With this great combination the game turns out to be a master class experience to play. The open and rich world in Far Cry 3 beckons you to explore every part of it. You will become a hunter at the end of the story, such is the experience you will get after playing this. Following link gives you the full version of Far Cry 3 free download for PC. If you have any problems or errors or any feedback then you can post in comments and we will try to find a solution for you. Download and enjoy!

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Install uTorrent. Then click on the green link above and you will see many links. Use the first or any other link (only 1 link is needed) and open it in uTorrent and complete the downloading.
    2. You will get 2 ISO files.
    3. Install Daemon Tools Lite and just double click the 1st ISO file to mount it.
    4. Start installation from the new DVD drive. When asked for 2nd DVD, double click the second ISO file and complete the installation
    5. Then go to the CRACK folder in DVD2 and install the 1.01 patch by opening farcry3_1.01 file.
    6. Then copy all remaining files from the CRACK folder to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk i.e \Far Cry 3\Bin
    7. Play.
    8. Buy it if you like, to support the developers.

    PS: Stay away from all the online features. You can permanently disable online features by adding the -offline parameter. Read instructions on links page for how to do that.

  2. bobby1337 says:

    Ty alot uploder!!!! :D

  3. razorbane says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! best of the year

  4. Larara says:

    thanks mate! downloading

  5. mammothbaby says:

    thanks for the speedy up and great title!

  6. GlobGloba says:

    yaayyy thx :D

  7. dilligaf says:

    fantastic! many thanks ;)

  8. xorpen says:


    Good thing ive got a lot of time to play all these new games

  9. Sega says:

    This will probably satisfy my needs for a while. :D

  10. x0097251 says:

    w00t!! w00t!! \:D/

  11. maeden says:

    Thanksss !!!!

  12. Martinglad says:

    Super Upload thx :=)

  13. HankShearer says:

    works perfectly! just follow instructions and you are done.

    thanks uploader and Reloaded!

  14. bepponen says:

    this is the one :) thx admin, great stuff

  15. PeterJabe says:

    Excellent Release. Just played for about 45 minutes. All DX11 options work and it runs great with a single GTX580. No crashes so far.

  16. valcrist says:

    Thanks for the nice up! :)

  17. bepponen says:

    it works flawlessy with great performance and no bugs at all. Perfect!! awesome!!!

  18. AgentClow says:

    I got it running but it performs really well.

  19. RyoMark says:

    Awesome up, thank you! :D

  20. explorer says:

    nvidia released new drivers. Install them as soon as possible and you will see a huge difference in performance. Excellent work.

    thanks guys for free one

  21. versatile says:

    Good news guys, It works great using hacked uplay program. I’m using tunngle to find other players. Coop rocks!

  22. ChaosPLT says:

    Awesome :D Runs kinda great. As said above update drivers of your graphics cards.

  23. felippe says:

    installed and running a 580gtx with dx11 and all runs smooth at 60fps. Awesome looking so far

  24. delimontana says:

    im running on amd/ati, runs perfectly on everything maxed out on 1920×1280 win7 and the comp is 2 years old

  25. mrgud79 says:

    DX11 works fine, just install and copy the crack, but DO NOT patch it! I get over 100FPS that way, and before when I patched it I was barely getting 50FPS on my GTX 590. Give it a try and good luck:)

    Thnx uploader

  26. nitemares says:

    Nice to see this is on here so early.

    Metacritic said it got 88 / 100 avg out of 28 reviews so far. which is really good.

    So gonna get it immediately.

  27. DaveX says:

    This is running great here, saves working and no problems so far.

    Ranging from 50-100 FPS on a i7-2600k @ 4.2 & 670 FTW, DX11, maxed out (SSAO not HDAO, kills it). I noticed this makes more use of my CPU than most other titles.

  28. zipperawm says:

    Working great, thanks!

    I also HIGHLY recommend picking up the new (Nov 28th) 310.64 beta NVIDIA drivers.

  29. mrsaturn says:

    Just played for 3 hours, what a action packed sequence!!! hats off guys!!

  30. 22y says:

    Working perfectl;y on i5 2500k, 560ti and w8 64bit. 1920×1080 and maxed out (even HDAO) getting around 40 fps.

    Great, thanks uploader.

  31. Triggerfish says:

    Is there a fix for the Saveproblem?

    • Triggerfish says:

      Nvm, saves work just need to finish the first parts where only checkpoint system is present.. And it runs like a charm on Dx11.
      Got AMD FX 6-core, 8Gb ram. Geforce GTX 560Ti Twin Frozr II. Win 7 x64.

  32. Frohike says:

    Good one :) Thank you, folks :)

  33. ilyo says:

    Great !!!!

  34. jtriffitt says:

    Fantastic!! works like a charm on win 7 x64

    Thanks uploader

  35. workers says:

    Thanks , works great,almost butter smooth using dx11 on ultra,110 fov (love that companies are putting fov options in now),i5 25k @stock/7850 w/slight oc/4gigs mem/win7 x64/ssd w/os on it and WD green 2tb for programs, saving works and I just tried to save female friend but she was gone already then I exited it to desktop and then restarted and all is fine with save working no problem.(installed to folder I made and named it “FarCry 3″…doubt that will help but so far it works great for me saves and all.I also installed the patch like the info says to do.

  36. knighty says:

    running great for me on ultra settings and getting 25-30 fps during play, dunno if thats good or?

    thanks reloaded and ofc uploader

    very happy chappy here :D

    also saves working fine for me

  37. mrmag says:

    If you are having problems with saves disappearing then try this.

    Run it with admin rights (right click and select ‘Run as Administrator). After starting the story (immediately when the intro starts) there should be the save files in c:\ProgramData\Orbit\46\

    • kipue says:

      Yep, running as Admin works and save perfectly.

  38. hazem says:

    I have windows 8 x64 and it works like charm and I passed the first mission then restart my pc and holla it saves perfect thanks god :D

  39. dany3ll says:

    tnks man…works wonderfull

  40. ohmforce says:

    This is my favorite since Fallout 3, it’s an amazingly immersive experience. I copied the crack first THEN patched it, then copied the crack again (oops). Everything worked great and looks beautiful, especially after it’s running for a while. Thanks!!!

  41. Nicki88 says:

    Epic fucking one! It’s really nice, Get this you won’t be disappointed!

    And thx to the admin man!

  42. Jeppe1 says:

    Thanks for the upload… been playing 3-4 hours and saves working ok.
    Starting it with with …\FarCry 3\bin\farcry3_d3d11.exe” -offline

  43. Smileyie says:

    This worked for me with saves,

  44. X3rr0z says:

    Worked pretty flawless, thanks RELOADED. Saves worked without a hitch for me. I followed the instructions to the T. I did nothing special to make them work (also I didn’t do the -offline thing) Played about 3 hours so far and I’m really like it

  45. thorzi says:

    Saves didn’t work for me on w7 x64. Then I updated Nvidia drivers to latest, installed win updates & rebooted. Saves now work! Don’t know what exactly fixed it.

  46. pigfister says:

    thankx works perfect win vista 64

  47. C71 says:

    Hey, Thank you!

  48. thedust666 says:

    Cheers dude awesome release as always!! Little problem with the eyefinity setup but a little tweak and sorted.


  49. Arret says:

    Thx! No problems for me with Windows 8., saving works as well.

    I’m using “farcry3_d3d11.exe” to start and I’ve been playing for several hours.

  50. NTASE BENJAMIN says:

    i like it here alot but i donot know how to get them

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