Posted on Oct 3, 2012
Dogfight 1942

Dogfight 1942 PC Download

3 Star Rating: Recommended

The dogfight 1942’s first cut scene sets the stage for this which is having poor presentation and not so impressive graphics. Here you will be able to get it for PC. You will notice that the graphics do not belong to the current generation but are passable. The visuals are proportionate to the altitude of the aircraft. As you go higher in the atmosphere, the landscape looks beautiful. But at lower heights the graphics look bland and low resolution. Motion blur and slow motion add some visual quality to the overall graphics. Dogfight 1942 free download is given below this review; just skip to the end to get it.

The presentation is average at best, nothing spectacular here. The voice acting is pretty good. It stays true to the less politically correct story. The story involves you to attack and defend against the Japanese fighter planes, bombers and other cruel enemies. Get this for PC then follow the instructions given to install. The actual combat is fast, fun and intense which feels more like arcade action than simulation. If you are not accustomed, then you will feel it little tough at first. You can lock on the enemy plane with a simple button tap and then you can track them. It’s even easier to hold back, tag the enemy and then shoot them down. Download Dogfight 1942 free for PC from here, get all parts and then extract them to get an ISO which will act as a DVD and let you install the game.

Sometimes you will be given the opportunity to control your squad. The effect of this feels little random as your teammates will not follow your orders properly. So it feels easier to take on the enemy yourself. A killcam has been included which gives you a slow motion view of the breaking down of the enemy plane which you have just shot down. Although this is an arcade game, the inclusion of killcam slows down the action a little. Dogfight 1942 PC download is just below this story, all you need to do is get all the individual parts using jDownloader or from your browser and you will have it.

The game can be played as arcade or simulation. In simulation mode the plane rolls and turns independently. Although this gives more control to you, is more difficult. Arcade mode takes away this precision control but gives a lot of fun filled battles which will attract the newcomers. If you are hardcore plane sim fan then you can opt for simulation mode and then hide the HUD to add to the realism and difficulty. Dogfight 1942 free download is now online from the link given below.

The single player campaign includes 2 acts. These can be played again at higher difficulties if you want to challenge yourself.  A local Co-op also makes a welcome appearance which will allow a friend to join you in the mission.

Dogfight 1942 Free Download

Multiplayer has dogfight and survival mode. In 1st mode you are given a task to shoot down the enemy planes and at the same time your opponent is also doing the same thing. You have to be careful of the stray bullets crashing your plane. Crashed plane means you are going to lose valuable time. It’s a fun mode but very difficult to continue for long periods. In survival mode you can fly solo or with a friend and try to survive wave after wave of the enemy planes. Dogfight 1942 free download is what we offer for you here.

This although average in its specs, gives some hours of arcade style fun combined with co-op and multiplayer action. Following link will let you have full version of this free game.

Download Dogfight 1942 Free Full Version


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    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install.
    5. Then copy all files from the Crack folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed Dogfight 1942 on Hard Disk.
    6. Play.
    7. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

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