Posted on Nov 18, 2013
Call of Duty Ghosts

Call of Duty Ghosts PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

There are plenty of new things that you can find in this new game in the Call of Duty series which makes it a great title to play. You have the trademark fast action and gameplay that the series is famous for. But all the great things that we see in this new title are in the multiplayer department and everything that we have seen over the years in the single player campaign remains the same with improved graphics and some other improvements. Use the instructions given below to get full version of Call of Duty Ghosts PC Download from the link you find below.

The story is set in a near future and is not related to a character we saw in the modern warfare series of COD. This is entirely a new universe that you will find in the story. The story is of a different nature and instead of the usual Russians or Middle Eastern countries this time we have the South Americans pushing for control and banging their heads with the US. If you have played any of the previous titles in the COD series then you will know what you are getting into here, especially if you have played the Modern Warfare series, things are very similar in nature to that parts of the series. So you will be really ready to go once you get this title as there is nothing new you need to learn to play. Find what the entire story is by getting Call of Duty Ghosts free download from the following link.

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Download Call of Duty Ghosts Free Full Version


You see the beginning where you a see picture of the united states totally broken but there is still resistance left and fight is on-going. You will see how the environment changes and you will notice other things that indicate how the US is affected by this. Use the link given on this page to get Call of Duty Ghosts PC download. You will also go beyond the home battles when you are taken to the foreign soil to fight in the enemy backyard.

The conditions and environments are plenty different which keeps the game a fresh for long hours but if you are playing the single player mode then it’s going to be a really short time. The game will just finish within a day if you play for a long time and mostly couple of days if you take breaks, but not more than that as it’s a really short story. As you are getting the full version of Call of Duty Ghosts PC download here for free you don’t need to worry about how much time you can get from this title.

Call of Duty Ghosts Free Download

Instead of just being on your own fighting loads of enemies coming at you from all directions, you will get plenty of variety to play. You can command tanks, fight in space, flying helicopters and rappelling on skyscrapers is another thing that you will be doing. Download Call of Duty Ghosts free for PC from this page and start playing by installing it. Use the instructions given below to install and play.

Special fighting situations demand special strategies to be used for different conditions and you need to work them out perfectly if you want to complete the story without ever dying. As always you will see some great sequences from the gameplay as well as some story sequences elaborate enough to fit perfectly in any movie plot. But to enjoy them you need to get Call of Duty Ghosts free download, which has been made available on this page, if you want to know how to or where to download it then don’t forget to see the tutorial videos or read the instructions given at the end in the comments section.

Some parts are all action packed with back to back missions, these require you to go all guns blazing without much of a story told in that part, and these are the parts where the game suffers to make an impact unlike other parts of the story. Find Call of Duty Ghosts PC download below or above and start downloading and playing immediately and start enjoying.

We feel that Battlefield 4’s multiplayer is lot better to the one we see in this title and that’s the part that worries us. This being a big title even in size as well and focusing more on the multiplayer, still it lacks the detail you get from Battlefield 4. Don’t worry, we have Battlefield 4 PC download available on this site as well. Look for it on the homepage or search it using the search function given above. In the meanwhile use Call of Duty Ghosts free download given on this page to enjoy this great action shooter title from Activision. Use the following link to get full version of Call of Duty Ghosts PC download for free.

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  1. admin

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install.
    5. Then copy all files from the CRACK folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk.
    6. Play.
    7. Buy it if you like, to support the developers.

    PS: Ignore any requests from the game or ORIGIN to connect to internet or better thing is to uninstall ORIGIN completely.

    • boy swagger


  2. Rresend


  3. serad

    Respect !!!

  4. bentley6

    Boo yah!! been waiting for this baby.

  5. trixie

    Gr8 thanks

  6. Maltbre

    Well well well.. Guess my bachelor assignment just got put on hold! :P

  7. Tong1o1

    Thanks dude!!!! :D

  8. zde

    w00pw00p, thanks upper :D

  9. b963

    Grazie tante! Thanks ^_^

  10. volcan

    Thanks 4 the up. better than B4??

    • maddock

      you mean bt4

  11. luisgon

    Wow yeahhh

  12. Larar

    thanks upper! I love CoD campaign, but i hate its multiplayer

  13. VW

    Way to go Reloaded!!!Thx !!! Happiness :) Thanks!!!

  14. Ury7

    Im gonna play this campaign til they release a performance patch for bf4 multiplayer (which i have original)

  15. Electro

    Runs fine on 4gb ram

  16. HAwers

    nice work………………nice nice nice

  17. king8

    woot! thanks, play the campaign so when xbox one comes in i can go straight to MP!

  18. felippe

    i love u guyz Excellent. thanks a lot for the upload!

  19. Hemp


  20. adept66

    Thanks for the up, runs fine and looks pretty damn sweet too.

  21. braddaa

    Thanks guys :)

  22. Dougulko

    it has only 64bit executable, so there is no way to run it on 32bit os

  23. Spoenk

    So excited and BOOM headshot

  24. johan

    supports xbox gamepad??? Any one?

    • RatherLarge

      yes it fully supports xbox 360 gamepad

  25. Remix

    works now. Thanks a ton uploader!!

  26. volcan

    way better than SP B4

  27. PsyMili

    I only hope this has something like MW3, Special operations, where you play against the bots in Survival mode.

  28. maeden

    here is no doubt about that game it’s awesome ……… with 100% no errors on my
    ATI HD 4850 1 GB
    4 G RAM
    AND…………..HAVE FUN :)

    • rodermel

      Thank you Very Much!!!

  29. Xi0ni

    The game actually uses about 1.5 – 2 GB of ram

  30. batman

    Thanks Uploader!! Thanx guys :)

  31. asundrus

    Thanks for the upload, but seriously, what happened to the all mighty “new” engine? Even older COD games have better looking graphics than this.

  32. everd0

    Train mission with the Hesh and Logan.

    I get black and white interferences\artifacts just as i start the mission.

    anyone else have that?

    • ejog

      no nothing like that for me. works smoothly

  33. osopola

    works great, Real fun campaign

  34. caroline

    The SP loads 100% without any issues

  35. bojan

    call of duty ghosts couldnt write a file. the harddrive is probably full error…… anyone else get this or know what the fix is? installing on win 7 x64 with hard that has more than enough space left.

    • Brunex

      Anyone geting ” call of duty ghosts couldnt write a file.” Try running as admin.

    • kingsilver

      @bojan – Right clicking the short-cut and running it as administrator will make it work.

      Or you can just change the proprieties of the folder by right clicking the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Ghosts” folder and deselecting the “read only” option

      • bojan

        @ kingsilver & Brunex – thanks, works fine now

  36. Mustrum

    Running sweet on my two year old system, HD6950 2gb, 8 gb ram, 1920×1080, expected problems but all is well, cool campaign, thanks for the upload.

  37. workers

    thanks, working great here.

  38. ech

    I started playing but feel lazy to finish it. Thanks for the upload anyways

  39. redbeard

    runs great.. but way 2 easy, ever on hardest level..

  40. Speed

    PLEASE guys..can someone tell me how i can install this game on my machine?….im using a 25GB bluray disc and imgburn but file too big..did trunkit but didnt work..ide really appreciate it if someone got back to me …please

    • Durin

      Speed, you don’t have to burn the image on a bluray… Just install a image mounting software, e.g Daemon Tools to mount the image and install then install..

      • Speed

        thank you very much Durin..appreciate it much:)…ill give it a try

        • Speed

          Durin looks to be installing just fine using daemon tools…thanks.

  41. Speed

    all up and running…thanks for all the help guys..really appreciate your help….precision x osd not showing in game..other than all looks pretty good to go:)

  42. lordb0r

    Works like a charm, even on my 4gb ram pc i´m on stage 11/18 and no bugs or anything like this , 100% functional

  43. iliassme


  44. laserman

    played and finished single player with no problems.

  45. neo0

    Thank you very much uploader for this great release!!!

  46. zimm

    Runs smooth with no problems.

    But its yet another CoD linear movie on rails with some shooting.
    Losing interest fast because it’s not a very good movie.

  47. nikky

    great game
    thanks for this

  48. Michel

    Danke Heer Kameraden !!!

  49. pakos

    you are the bestt :))))

  50. Zee

    will the multiplayer work?

    • admin


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