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Call of Duty Black Ops 2 XBOX 360

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 XBOX 360

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Call of Duty Black Ops II XBOX 360 is the second title in black ops series and a direct sequel to Call of Duty Black Ops. You get this for PC as well as XBOX 360 from this site. This is the ninth title in Call of Duty series. For those who are new to the series, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 for XBOX 360 is a first person shooter. Treyarch is the developer of this title and Activision is the publisher who brings this great action to us. This is going to be made available for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 and PC with a Nintendo Wii version being released at a later date. This page offers you the region free version of Call of Duty Black Ops II free download for XBOX 360.

For the first time you will see the future of warfare with Call of Duty Black Ops 2 with plenty of choices left for the player to make. Like, the story will take different directions depending upon the path that the player chooses. You get an option of playing this with 3D display in tune with all the latest titles that offer 3D options. Look at the bottom of this page where you will find Call of Duty Black Ops II XBOX 360 download for free.

Treyarch has done a number of tweaks to the single player as well as multiplayer. With the main objective being everyone should be playing the multiplayer when they finish with the campaign. Many people would just play the campaign mode and call it quits due to the cumbersome nature of playing the multiplayer part. But this time around the developer has worked to make sure everything is as easy as it should have been for a normal gamer to enjoy. Keep reading for more about this or just download Call of Duty Black Ops 2 free for XBOX 360 and start playing.

You will be playing the game in two different time lines. One will be from the 1970’s and run into the 1980’s and the other will be in future that’s in year 2025. As in Black Ops 1, you will be playing the character of Alex Mason, who is the protagonist in the Cold War section of the story. As Mason you will take part in the Cold War from the American side and play in plenty of proxy wars that are going around. To get the full version of Call of Duty Black Ops II region free download for XBOX 360, all you need to do is get to the end of this page and use the link.

Call of Duty Black Ops II XBOX 360 Region Free Download

You will get an ISO file from the link given below this review which gives you the full version region free Call of Duty Black Ops II game for XBOX 360. All you need to do is burn it using an ihas burner having burner max firmware using the software IMGBURN. After that just play the gem by popping it in your XBOX 360. You can also use the truncate method of burning using IMGBURN where you will choose the truncate method during the burn process. If you get Disc Error with this method then just use the mp3 trick as follows: Copy a mp3 file on a pen drive and play it on you XBOX360 while the song is still playing pop in the DVD you burned. Go to dashboard and start the game. The song will pause and start again. Now go back and stop the song and start playing Black Ops 2. But remember not to go online with this method or you might get a ban. Following this method will give Call of Duty Black Ops II XBOX 360 free download.

The battle that takes place in the future i.e. in 2025 will see the son of Alex Mason, David as the protagonist. This time the cold war takes place between the two superpowers, United States and China. When a cyber-attack stops all the working of the Chinese stock exchange, they ban export of all the rare elements, which causes the Cold War between the two heavyweights. Link below gives you the option of downloading region free full version of Call of Duty Black Ops II for XBOX 360, which gives you xgd3 version. You need to use the LT+ 3.0 system to play or just patch it from LT+ 3 to LT+ 2.0.

This is going to be a great title and if you have been playing the previous versions from this series over the last decade then should not miss this for any reason. If you don’t want to play this on XBOX 360 and want to enjoy the Keyboard/Mouse combo for the FPS then just get the PC version which is also available on this site. That’s all folks hope you enjoyed the read, now the following link will give you region free full version of Call of Duty Black Ops II XBOX 360 free download.

Download Call of Duty Black Ops II XBOX 360 Region Free


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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. You will need iHas burner with burner max firmware to burn this on a DVD. Use the burner with IMGBURN software with optimal setting on a Verbatim DVD for better quality. You can also use truncate method for burning but remember never to go online with truncate method.
    4. Insert the DVD that you burned as told and play.
    5. Buy it if you like it to support the developers.

    • pranav says:

      but it is not released so how can you get it

      • maasta says:

        actually its out.

  2. shissoka says:

    thank you veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy match

  3. D3SI says:

    thanks for the upload

  4. psxpirate1 says:

    Thanks admin

  5. TheSurvivor says:

    I’ve been waiting for this release

    Thanks uploader!

  6. Triggz says:

    thanks for a proper release, works perfectly.

  7. mkoopa says:

    release works fine. thanks

  8. billiethecat says:

    You need dashboard 15574 or higher to play it. so update your dash manually by downloading from Microsoft website.

  9. pabble says:

    thank you kind sir.

  10. boxchevy says:

    works for me on lt2.0(w usual patch) but thats burnt with ihas burner, cant say for truncate method

  11. dpkchrome says:

    burnt with iHAS using LT 3.0 firmware. playing perfectly.

    thank you!

  12. smithy says:

    I’ve upgraded both my dashlaunch and dashboard versions to the latest and now everything is working perfectly
    (from 14699 & 2.32 to 16197 & 3.04)

    Thanks :-)

  13. skiz says:

    it works thankfully burned it first time everything works

  14. mouserunner says:

    working ok for me,
    run through abgx then burnt at 4X on verbs.
    played first mission and tried local free for all

  15. DeadEndKid says:

    This release is fine on my JTAG at first I had the freezing screens etc. just update dash and all is fine!

  16. Oeron says:

    just did some simple update from 3.02 to 3.04 and it works fine..

  17. greens says:

    this will work on LT 2.0 with patch, patch the file with PPF-O-Matic 4.4.2

    burned with ImgBurn with a IHAS drive at 4x.using cheap Aone discs and I didn’t run it thru abgx…works fine

    thanks uploader

    ps I had every thing Green and no gun ,I just give disc a good clean works great now

  18. kotm says:

    worked fine on lt3.1

  19. molximus says:

    Just played an xbox live zombie farm level, it was pretty fun.
    Didn’t need an online pass for that, don’t know if you need one for normal multi.

    Burned with ihas after verified abgx on verbs, speed 4x great krpobe results.

  20. Switch says:

    Love the BO2, thanks again

  21. gabriel says:

    Thanks a lot!….everything is great here.

  22. milos299 says:

    if i burn it on a Verbatim disk, then it says: error. cuz the disk is 8.5 gb but it is bigger then i’ve expected. and now i can’t play. you know guys how to fix this? please, help me…


    • admin says:

      try the mp3 trick. its given in the above post.

  23. angel says:

    tanks men

  24. loljizz says:

    how do you download it

    • admin says:

      plz see tutorial videos given above.

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    thank you

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    pleace link

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    NW AV 6P

  37. sheena says:

    i wanted this it is so greatful to have mods
    thank you for the mods
    have a great day
    nw av 6p

    • sheena says:

      sheena newton
      nw av 6p
      thank you

  38. trent torrante says:

    thank you
    for the free game

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