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Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

After a long, long time we have a new entry in the Battlefield series. We have Battlefield 3 available for consoles as well as the PC. We finally have a successor to Battlefield 2 the long awaiting one if we say so. We have been bombarded with plenty of releases in the FPS genre with the introduction of the Call of Duty series. Nobody was there to challenge their reign in this area. But with the release of this new game we have a tough competition in the arena. So if you want to know how this fares against the mighty COD series then you are in luck. We are giving you Battlefield 3 PC download in this page, a full version of it for free.

Before going into details let’s just be clear about one thing, Battlefield 3 is similar to Call of Duty Modern Warfare in the single player department. You will be running around all over places trying to stop the terrorists from attacking. You will be going to checkpoints in the process to save your progress as in any other game. This is nothing ground breaking as we have seen plenty of fish in this kind of a pond. You want to check how it fares against the competition then you are welcome to try Battlefield 3 free download that we have put on this page

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Download Battlefield 3 Free Full Version


The gameplay is not that different to the COD series but one thing you will see here is that it is more realistic than the over the top stories of the others. This part sets the BF3 in somewhat different water than the competition. But once you reach near the end of the story the crazy part gets out and you see the glimpse of the other stories that we said earlier, over the top plot. We are offering you the full version of Battlefield 3 PC download on this page.

If you are thinking about playing and wondering if you can play it on your PC. Then let’s just say if you have a Direct X 11 graphics card and a quad core CPU, then you are set to play this. We actually recommend playing this on a PC rather than the consoles because you will have much more control with Keyboard/Mouse combo then with the gamepad.

Battlefield 3 Free Download

If you are running on an older system, you can still play the game on medium settings. But if you have a good system them you are in for a treat. The graphics can rival those from Crysis 2 or Metro 2033 and similar titles.

The single player campaign is not brilliant as it should have been but rather it’s just good. It’s still better than the rivals but we expected something brilliant which is absent here. Battlefield 3 PC download is all read y for you, use the link above or the one below to get it.

We have played the campaign on both normal and hardest difficulty available. If you are new to FPS gaming then you should stick to the normal one and if you are a veteran then even the hardest difficulty level won’t suffice you. Only thing you can find better is that the multiplayer will let you pit your skills against the best of players on planet. If you want to play the multiplayer, then you have to buy the game, you cannot play it using this version given here. We give you Battlefield 3 free download here which lets you enjoy the single player campaign. You might have luck playing this online as well if you can find instructions in Google about how to do that.

So all in all we are going to give this a complete 5 star rating and a must play tag. The co-op mode is something much better than campaign mode and the multiplayer tops it all. So we suggest you play this no matter what your thoughts are on FPS games. On PC this has next generation graphics so we are recommending the PC version instead of the console versions. Following link gives you full version of Battlefield 3 PC download for free.

Keep gaming and enjoy it to the fullest :)

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install. Also install files from the installer folder (Redistributables)
    5. Then copy all files from the CRACK folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk.
    6. Play.
    7. Buy it if you like, to support the developers.

    PS1: Stay away from all the online features like EA and Origin, use a firewall to block it from connecting to internet.

    PS2: Also while installing do not leave any special characters for the folder name. Just use a simple name like “Battlefield 3”

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      No Yassins

      you will see they are different boxes and u choose one box and get everything from that box alone :)

      Hope it helped. Say thanks if it did ;)

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        Ha ha. Thanks :) it helped

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    Going to get the remaining parts :)

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      no you cant.

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      watch the tutorial videos. They are pretty simple to follow.

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      depends on the internet speed you get. try different sources and see which gives you best speed. Try using toe torrent links for better results.

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    • admin says:

      no it doesnt work online.

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    • admin says:

      Some links allow you to pause but others dont. But you can stop downloading after a part is finished downloading. Say you have got parts 1,2 and 3 now 4 is being downloaded and there are 10 more parts. You can finish part 4 and come back next day to get the remaining parts.

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