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Batman Arkham Origins

Batman Arkham Origins PC Download

4 Star Rating: Recommended

Batman Arkham Origins is a great game, no doubt about it but the thing is it fails to escape from the shadows of its predecessors namely Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. The previous titles were such great that even though this is a great successor we feel it lacks the polish we saw in them. We are giving you Batman Arkham Origins free download here, use the link given on this page to get the full version for PC.

This title inherits the great action and combat mechanism from the previous titles but the problem is it doesn’t have any new ideas to keep you interested in the story. We feel the lack of details that we found in the previous titles in here and that what makes this a great action and not an excellent one. There is nothing wrong with playing a great game, so get Batman Arkham Origins PC download from the following link. You will get to download Batman Arkham Origins free for PC from there, use the instructions given at the bottom to install and then play.

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Download Batman Arkham Origins Free Full Version


You might think from the Origins name that this is a story which tells us about the Origins of Batman but be warned this is another run of the mill batman story and doesn’t have anything to do with his origin. It is a prequel but it doesn’t tell us anything about Arkham City or about the Origins of the superhero. We suggest you to get Batman Arkham Origins PC download from below and start playing and see what we mean about the prequel thing.

The voice acting with different actors being used is a little different, but you won’t notice anything different in actuality. We can assure you the acting is as good as it was in the story before. Play as Batman using this link to get Batman Arkham Origins download for PC. We will suggest you to play the first two games as well and experience the combat and action. These are also available on this site, as well as Batman Arkham Origins free download.

This is dubbed as a prequel but it has some cool and powerful weapons and we don’t understand why batman would get rid of such weapons in the later years of his life. So including such weapons is a deterrent to the story. One such weapon is Shock Gauntlet which literally is something like a cheat with god mode. You can hit anyone and everyone once you activate this and finish the combat easily. Get Batman Arkham Origins PC download and play and see what we mean. This weapon is unlocked after all other things have been unlocked, so it doesn’t spoil the story much.

Batman Arkham Origins Free Download

Another annoying fight mechanic is one which lets Batman hang thugs using a remote grapple. This is annoying because the thugs don’t have to be under the gargoyle like before and this feels like cheating. So any hardcore players should avoid using this as we did. We are giving you Batman Arkham Origins free download at the bottom of this page, use it to get the game from direct links like Rapidgator, or rapidshare or mediafire or any such links. We also have torrents which are much easier to download as they allow you to resume downloading whenever you want. Find them on the download page where you get Batman Arkham Origins free download.

The city, though beautiful is barren and no life forms are seen anywhere in the open world. Only people you see are thugs which you take down. We feel the challenge mode is one which one should play if you are a hardcore gamer as it gives you the opportunity to disable some of the cheat gadgets. You are told at the beginning that this part of the city has been walled and given to criminals; this is a ridiculous scenario as any we have seen in games. Anyway, get Batman Arkham Origins PC download from this page and start playing, even though there are flaws you get a great action, combat here, which makes you forget these boring parts.

Even though there are flaws we cannot stop from playing this, and the series goes on. We are just happy to see the takedowns and free flowing action this series has brought with it and any chance we get to play with it is a welcome one. So grab the Batman Arkham Origins PC download from the following link which gives you the full version of the game for free.

If you have any problems then use the comments section to ask them and we will help you as much as possible and get you playing this in no time.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Click on the green link above and you will see links. Get all parts from one box or use only 1 torrent link to get this.
    2. Extract the parts that you just got using Winrar or 7zip to get a ISO file.
    3. Mount the ISO file in Daemon Tools lite or Burn it using Image burn option in Nero on a DVD.
    4. Install.
    5. Then copy all files from the CRACK folder of the DVD to the folder where you installed the game on Hard Disk.
    6. Play.
    7. Buy it if you like, to support the developers.

  2. dhairya says:

    can you tell me that does this game works

    • admin says:

      yes it works

  3. joshua says:

    Can you plz plz upload file 74 for share online links… I need it.. I have all the files expect for that one…

    • admin says:

      which ones are you talking about?

  4. jason says:

    can you upload this game for me please because i like this game

    • Percy Joseph says:

      Crazy boy

  5. zakri says:

    so hard -_-

    • admin says:

      please watch tutorial videos. its very easy.

  6. Percy Joseph says:

    I love this game so much

  7. patrickmwanza says:

    it works perfectly fine, the games are cool and i like them

  8. Bill Hilgh says:

    Love it

  9. Hunter says:

    You can play in multiplayer mode?

    • admin says:

      No. You cannot play multiplayer.

  10. pc games says:

    I am a big fan towards gaming!! and to see others share it makes me happy. Thanks for this amazing blog really has make me in a better mood.

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