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Batman Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum PC Download

5 Star Rating: Recommended

Batman Arkham Asylum is based on the comics of Batman from DC Comics and it’s available for the consoles and for Mac OS X as well as on Windows PC, which is what you will get here. download games free and enjoy them as much as you can. This was released in 2009 and was highly popular and very good at that time and still is today. You play the role of Batman in a third person action adventure focusing mainly on the stealth and combat abilities of Batman along with puzzle solving elements from the detective mode. If you came here looking to get the full version of this then you are at the right place, at the end of this page you will find Batman Arkham Asylum free download.

This is one of the first games to go full 3D with the Batman characters, all the previous titles were a side scrolling disaster to play. If you are casual player then you probably know by now that this is really good. It has won many awards which also includes the ‘Most Critically Acclaimed Superhero Game Ever’ which sounds like a stupid award but nevertheless it has won the award so it’s good. It has been praised by all critics and reviewers of all the gaming magazines and websites as well. And every praise and award that it has received is totally worth it and you will realize it when you play. Which you can do by getting it from the link below which gives you Batman Arkham Asylum free download.

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Download Batman Arkham Asylum Free Full Version


The game starts with Batman capturing Joker once again and he being taken to the Arkham Asylum again in care of Batman. This sounds all too good but nobody is ready for what Joker has planned. Joker always wanted to get caught and he wanted to be taken in to the Asylum where many of the previous villains that Batman caught are being held. As soon as he arrives he escapes in the Arkham Asylum and takes control of it. Locking up all the exits and releasing all the psycho mental cases from in there. This means a lot of resistance for batman in order to stop Joker. Joker has also planned to create Bane like creatures to defeat Batman and wreck havoc on the island. Skip to the end to download Batman Arkham Asylum free for PC.

Batman Arkham Asylum Free Download

While all this is happening Batman is stuck on the island and as this is a sudden change in the situation, no way for anyone to get to the island to help you out, you are on your own to fight Joker and his crazy army. You won’t need anyone for help though as you have all the gadgets you need and all the strength required to take on the entire army. This is what makes you feel great; even though you are all alone you never feel that you will need help from anyone. You feel in control all the time and taking on an army of Joker’s goons is nothing but normal. If you are looking for Batman Arkham Asylum PC download then go to the end to get the same.

As far as we are concerned this game is one of the best not only in Batman series but even compared to everything else that’s out there. And as you can guess we are going to recommend this to everyone to play no matter what type games you play. There are limitations to it but the overall story, play and combat mechanics far outweigh the flaws. But you cannot think about pros and cons while playing only thing that you need to think about is, are you enjoying it? Did you have fun? And if the answer is yes then you know how good this is. If you came here to know how or where to download Batman Arkham Asylum for PC then following link will give you the full version of this game. If you have still not played it then you are missing something and if you really enjoyed this then we recommend getting the second titles in the series Arkham City which you can find on this site. Use the search button to find it or look for a link in the related titles below this post. Anyways we wish you luck playing this and enjoy it every bit as we did.

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  1. admin says:

    Install Instructions

    1. Install uTorrent. Then click on the green link above and you will see many links. Use the first or any other link (only 1 is needed) & open it in uTorrent.
    2. Complete the downloading to get an ISO file.
    3. Install Daemon Tools Lite and mount the ISO file from there.
    4. Start installation from the new DVD drive and complete it.
    5. Then copy all files from the PROPHET folder of the DVD to the Binaries folder of Batman Arkham Asylum i.e. where you installed it on Hard Disk.
    6. Play. If you liked it then to support the developers, buy it.

  2. Motleytat says:

    Nice one :-D

  3. ezekiel says:

    great, thx uploader and rld !

  4. ngam says:

    This is gonna make a lot of people happy :D .

    Many thanks for the very fast upload!!! :)

  5. khaz0r says:

    Thank you, this is awesome!

  6. tal86 says:

    wooooho…! thank you!

  7. xennon says:

    great, thx uploader!

  8. MuTLY says:

    This is THE BEST of 2011! Thank you uploader!

  9. McShane says:

    Completed without any problems. thanks

  10. Platoon says:

    Thank You Very much Reloaded and uploader!

  11. Tiglet says:

    Damnnnn to much to play!!!!

    Red faction and this!!

  12. Ipc1ne says:

    Woooow great up completed this on xbox360 absolutely wicked

  13. tedy says:


  14. Ninogan says:

    I can just hear my grades plummeting :P Thanks.

  15. MinisterN says:

    My god! Been waiting for this soooo long!

    Well, I guess there ain’t gonna be a lot of studying… to bad :)


  16. GoonBagJones says:

    yesterday – Red Faction Guerilla
    This morning – Resident Evil 5
    This afternoon – Arkham Asylum RELOADED

    Got all games withing 24 hours now time to play them and enjoy. Best 2 days of the year for me

  17. shaddow says:

    Your awsome. Keep it coming m8. Have it best

  18. Bukkebrusen says:

    Sweeeeeeeet dude, thx! :)

  19. Macht says:

    Got this installed and running. I have vista 64bit.

  20. flirt says:

    works perfectly for me..installs,put crack in, play..and it starts! i played a while with no problems

    i have windows 7 ulitmate 32 bit..

  21. dvdx says:

    Run fine with this version just installed copy the crack files setup a offline profile then played this was on windows 7 ( x86) i dont no about the 64 bit version

    O/S spec
    AMD 64 x2 6000+
    4gb ram
    512mb 8600GT
    Windows 7 (x86)

  22. upongo says:

    works perfect
    -unpack- install- copy crack- and start

    Big thanks to the uploader

  23. energy says:

    BATMAN install copy crack and play on Very High settings..amazing!!! RELOADED love you the best ! ! !

  24. Surbrax says:

    Good one, tnx alot

  25. matiello says:

    Works perfectly with me.

    Win7 x64
    Install, copy 2 file in the CRACK folder to BINARIES folder.

    No problem.

    Thanks ;)

  26. issaino says:

    works perfectly for me !!! =)

  27. Anuj says:

    when i try to play the game, it says wrong disc!

    • admin says:

      Read the 4th step in the instructions. You need to complete that.

      • Anuj says:

        i dont know if i downloaded from this site because i downloaded it a long time ago but it dosent have have a binaries folder.and i cant download it again cus my phone stopped working so i cant complete the offers.

        • admin says:

          When you install, you will see that folder.

  28. Anuj says:

    its not there so can i just create

    • admin says:

      what are you talking about. When you install the game, go to The folder where you have installed it and you will see that folder. (It will be something like this C:\Program Files\Eidos\Batman Arkham Asylum\Binaries)

  29. ruben says:

    I play demo it’s good

    • admin says:

      yes it is. get the full game from here and enjoy it even more.

  30. Ryan says:

    I have tried all sorts of ways to get this game to run on my 32-bit XP SP3 PC. I have followed the advice of youtube videos, steps that are found on torrent pages & I still cannot get it to execute. I did once, but as soon as I logged out of game, kept displaying that ‘Wrong Disc Inserted…Please see securom for more information.
    I save to C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\rld-btaa and try to mount Rld-btaa.iso using Daemon Tools Lite 4.48 (free version).
    Nothing works. Please help!

    • admin says:

      you need to copy cracked files in order to play. Read the step 4 given above.

  31. Roe says:

    When I tried to open the mounted file using DAEMON Tools, it says that the disc might be corrupted and the format is not supported by Windows. Please help me out.

    • admin says:

      I think did not complete the downloading to 100%. Recheck the file using torrents.

  32. abdulkarim says:

    wow and thanks for the game

  33. ricky says:

    sorry, there is not crack folder, there are only MANUAL and PROPHET folder.. where should i copy to game directory?

    • admin says:

      PROPHET folder is the one. We updated the links but forgot to update instructions.

      • ricky says:

        Only prophet folde that i should copy ?

        • admin says:

          Read the instructions. You need to copy everything that is inside that folder not the folder itself.

  34. Ricky says:

    Yeah i know.. I mean i dont need to copy from another file, from prophet file only, right?

    • admin says:

      Yes everything from that folder to Binaries folder.

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