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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V Here you go people, we finally have Grand Theft Auto V PC download for free or should we say GTA 5 free download for PC. We received a lot of emails and comments from people asking for this and we are finally adding this. But be warned this is a very big game in terms of size so it might take some time downloading depending on your internet speed. This is the reason we have skipped the direct links in case of GTA V PC download as it will take a...
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Sims 4

Sims 4 The Sims 4 is here and we have the full version of Sims 4 free download for PC right here on this page. Make sure you read the instructions carefully to get it and play. If you are a control freak when it comes to games then you are going to love the amount micromanaging that’s offered here. You can design, buy and use the building tools at your disposal to create an architectural masterpiece of the digital world. We suggest you...
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Galactic Civilizations III

Galactic Civilizations III When a new title in a series is released we often compare it to the predecessor in order to gauge how much progress has been made by the developers. Sometimes though, we do not need revolution but only evolution from the predecessor. That is what Galactic Civilizations III PC download given here offers. There are no drastic changes, only tweaking of already existing ideas from better equipped developers through the experience gained after the...
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Blackguards 2

Blackguards 2 Blackguards 2 is a sequel to Blackguards which was surprisingly popular tactical RPG or sRPG. Developed by Daedalic Entertainment the story takes place couple years after the ending from the first part. Both the characters as well as the players will see many changes, for better or for worse you have to decide for yourself. That is why we give you Blackguards 2 PC download here, get and let us know in the comments below. Some of the popular...
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Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen

Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen Originally Dragons Dogma was released in 2012 as a console only title and again an updated version in the form of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen in 2013 for consoles only. But Capcom the developer is known for releasing all their work for PC as well and it is not a surprise to that we are getting a PC version of one of the best RPGs we have played on consoles. So here we are giving you Dragon’s Dogma PC download for free. Finally...
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Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Wolfenstein The Old Blood Wolfenstein: The Old Blood is a prequel, a weird one at that. You get free PC games like this one and more from our site, use the links and instructions to install and play all the full version game found here. The Old Blood doesn’t actually touch the heights of its predecessor Wolfenstein: The New Order, but it does offer something different to it. Check out what different opportunities it offers by getting Wolfenstein The Old Blood PC...
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Lords of The Fallen

Lords of The Fallen Finally we have got Lords of The Fallen for PC. It took a lot longer than we expected to add this title to our site but the wait was well worth it. It was actually released in 2014 but we were waiting for a working version to come out and that is why the delay to add it to our site. Finally you can get Lords of The Fallen PC download for free from the link given on this page. You will play as a character named Harkyn, a criminal who has been...
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The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter I have been waiting to The Vanishing of Ethan Carter for a long time now and finally got the chance to get a working copy. That’s the reason we are here, we have added that working copy for everyone to get on this page. We needed to test if it was working before we made the post here and we got a working version so here we are. Get The Vanishing of Ethan Carter free download for PC from the link provided below. The setting is of Wisconsin, the...
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Sims 4 Get Together

Sims 4 Get Together EA had announced that The Sims 4 Get Together Addon was going to be released in November of 2015 but due to some reasons they pushed back the date to December. We were told that because of this the addon will be much better finished. This is a commendable thing to do but is it any better and does it have anything new that will make everyone go gaga about it. Find out, get The Sims 4 Get Together free download from this page and install it. Make...
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The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings

The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Have you played Witcher 2? If you have not then we have very good news for you. We are giving full version of Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition PC download free on this page. This edition gives you almost four hours of extra content to play as well as many new things to explore as well. Many new cutscenes as well as new intro video and some more are included as well. So if you have been waiting to get your hands on a more complete version of this game...
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The Witcher Enhanced Edition

The Witcher Enhanced Edition Released in 2007 The Witcher garnered really great reviews from the gaming community. A year later in 2008 the developers, CD Projekt released another version in the form of The Witcher Enhanced Edition that came with a lot of fixes and other stuff. The reason for the enhanced release was, the developers wanted to implement all the fixes that the players as well as the reviewers wanted fixed. So we bring you here full version of The Witcher...
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Child of Light

Child of Light With Child of Light Ubisoft have achieved something that has been missing in the recent years from the RPG genre and that is a kind of elegance. What you get here is a style that matches the hand-painted art and some quirky but charming designed characters. It still has all the things that make an RPG a great genre like combat, puzzles and exploration. If you are looking for something to enjoy then we give you full version of Child of Light PC...
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Nevermind Nevermind uses biofeedback sensors to give you a first person adventure horror story. The sensors detect your stress level while playing and change the settings according to the data they get on the fly. If you are one of those people who remain calm even while watching horror movies then you should sail through this with ease. But if you are one of those whose palms start sweating then you are going to have a hard time playing this as the game...
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F1 2015

F1 2015 Creating a new title each year in series is a daunting task. And for something like a racing sim where nothing changes or has only minor changes makes it that much more difficult to create a feature rich game that is better than the predecessor. So When F1 2015 was released it was obviously compared to the previous version F1 2014 available for download here. Unfortunately, we cannot recommend it to people who have played F1 2014 as it doesn’t...
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