LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham

LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Released in 2014, LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham is not the greatest of Lego titles but it doesn’t disappoint either. It was released for Windows PC as well as OS X and also on multitude of consoles and on iOS and Android. This is another title from Traveller’s Tales developer and was published by Warner Bros. Integrative Entertainment. Following link gives you full version of LEGO Batman 3 Beyond Gotham free download. We hope everyone enjoys it....
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Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Pro Cycling Manager 2016 As far as sports simulator titles go Pro Cycling Manager 2016 is one of the best for cycling enthusiast with its detailed information and abundant options. Simulators are a different kind of beasts which are complex and come with an information overload. Pro Cycling Manager 2016 is no different. This title puts in the hotseat of managing a professional cycling team. It is your job to make the right decisions if you want your team to win. Get...
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Necropolis Necropolis is developed by Harebrained Schemes, people who brought us Shadowrun series. It was published by Bandai Namco for Windows PC as well as OS X in July of 2016. We are told to expect a release for the consoles PS4 and Xbox One in future. Necropolis is role playing action adventure game. As soon as you start playing it looks promising. There is mysterious stuff to be uncovered. Use the following link to get full version of Necropolis...
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LEGO Marvel’s Avengers

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is one of the weakest games in the LEGO universe due to the limitations of what can be used or what cannot. This happened due to the fact that we already have LEGO Marvel’s Superheroes that meant the developers couldn’t use all the characters and stories they wanted to. But if you are a fan of the LEGO franchise then go ahead & use the following link to get full version of LEGO Marvel’s Avengers free...
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Rugby Challenge 3

Rugby Challenge 3 Rugby Challenge 3 is finally here. It is developed by Wicked Witch Software and published by Tru Blu Entertainment. This title received a wide release and was released on the older consoles i.e. PS3, XBOX 360 and new ones as well i.e. XBOX One and PS4. This page only caters to the PC version of Rugby Challenge 3 which was released in June of 2016 and works on Windows PCs. To those who are unaware about this series, it is a Rugby simulation...
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MXGP 2 MXGP 2 is again developed by Milestone and is a successor to MXGP, the first title. It was released in April of 2016 for Windows PC and the consoles PS4 and Xbox One. Milestone has done a good job with the predecessor but with MXGP 2 there is a lot to be desired. The issues start as soon as you load it. The loading times are a pain to endure. Even though there is no open world or stunning visuals or too many items to be loaded here. You can see...
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MXGP Developed by Milestone MXGP is yet another racing title from the experienced developer. They have a lot of experience creating racing titles as they have created well over 10 racing games to date. MXGP does bring some of the better things that the developer has created; it brings realism to motocross titles. This is definitely inspired by another title Milestone created in 2012, MUD. But MXGP portrays a real racing experience to that of arcade...
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LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes

LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes Let’s just make it clear, LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes is easily the best superhero title we have played ever. It delivers all the things a Marvel Universe fan wants to see in a neat and fantastic package that no fan can ignore. From Silver Surfer to Spiderman to Avengers, everyone comes together in this adventure. Barring some minor glitches which prevent it from being a masterpiece, you are treated some great adventure. Go ahead and join the...
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Saints Row Gat out of Hell

Saints Row Gat out of Hell We all loved Saints Row 4 a lot and who doesn’t like more of the same right? So here is your chance to get it. We present to you Saints Row Gat out of Hell free Download. This is a standalone expansion, meaning you do not need the original to play this. As per the developers this expansion serves as the epilogue to the original fourth title. It was released on multitude of platforms that included the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, XBOX...
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Cities Skylines

Cities Skylines Cities Skylines is a city building title developed by Colossal Order & published by Paradox Interactive. It was released in 2015 March for Windows PC and for Mac OS X & Linux. Xbox One version was announced but we have not heard anything regarding this announcement in a long time. Cities Skylines does better everything that the EA’s city builder, SimCity failed to do. Large areas to expand, no DRM to keep you always online are the two...
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The Witness

The Witness The Witness is developed by Thekla Inc and also published by them on Windows PC and PlayStation 4 in January of this year i.e. 2016. Versions for other platforms have also been promised by the developers slated to be released sometime in the future. This is an open world puzzle based title. It requires you to find clues from the natural structures as well as man-made structures to solve the puzzles. Are you up for it? Then use the following...
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Ghostbusters Game

Ghostbusters Game We saw a reboot film of Ghostbusters released last week in the USA and so Activision has released a Ghostbusters (2016) video game to accompany it. It features a four player co-op mechanic and takes place just after the events of the 2016 film of the same name. Released on July 12 of 2016, Ghostbusters is available for Windows PC as well as PlayStation 4 and XBOX One. On this page you will find Ghostbusters PC download which is available on the...
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Mighty No 9

Mighty No 9 Once we started playing Mighty No 9 we could see the potential it had. It was a lot of fun but the developers haven’t done enough to keep it fun for the most part. You will get frustrated a lot instead of having fun. Though you will see why we think it would have been great once you play it. Developed by Comcept with Inti Creates, Mighty No 9 was a crowdfunded project from Kickstarter published by Deep Silver. Use the following link to get full...
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Ashes of the Singularity

Ashes of the Singularity Ashes of the Singularity, is a title that puts all others from the RTS genre to shame with the sheer scale. This title shows what the S in RTS is really all about, great strategy. This is something similar to what Supreme Commander did over a decade ago. It is refreshing to see the developers trying this once again. It works really well for many aspects of the RTS. Micromanagement and out of-the-box thinking will take you far. Following link...
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Men of War Assault Squad 2

Men of War Assault Squad 2 A direct sequel to Assault Squad, Men of War Assault Squad 2 is a real time strategy plus tactics title. Set in World War II & developed by Digitalmindsoft, it was released in May 2014 by publisher 1C Company.  The sequel has almost all the content of the predecessor, which makes Assault Squad 2 world a really big one. The single player campaign can be played alone with the skirmish mode. Use the following link to get full version of Men of...
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Men of War Assault Squad

Men of War Assault Squad Men of War Assault Squad is old, released in 2011 but it is still one of best RTS titles we have played. So we bring it on our safe & trusted site. Set in World War II & belonging to the real-time tactics/strategy genre Assault Squad is a standalone expansion for Men of War which was released in 2009. Assault Squad focuses on infantry & has 16 missions in single player mode. Go ahead and grab Men of War Assault Squad download for...
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