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The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 The Wolf Among Us Episode ... rating
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The Wolf Among Us Episode 4

The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 is here guys and we are having a lot of fun playing it. Though we are going to give you a shock that this is only going to last for hour or so, that’s right longevity of around 60 to 70 minutes in total. That is ridiculously short amount of time to play a game. But other facts also mar this release. There is absolutely no forward movement in terms of the story and you might see only a great move in the dying moments...
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Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and also published by them for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as well as XBOX 360 and XBOX One and also for the Windows PC is this new title called Watch Dogs. We are giving you the opportunity to download free games which include Watch Dogs PC download in full version form for free. So we suggest you go right ahead and follow the instructions that have been given at the end of this page in the comments section...
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Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2, an action adventure title and a sequel to the first version of the same name is here to greet everyone. This will be the 35th title in the series Castlevania in its entirety which has been developed by Mercury Steam and Konami published it to the masses. When this series was started it became obvious that there will be many things different than the earlier games in the Castlevania universe. All the fans were left...
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Game The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PC game is based on the movie of the same name and belongs to the action adventure genre. Beenox are the developers who were also the developers of the previous titles in the series. Activision published all these titles as they did with this one. Along with the older generation f consoles the newer consoles received this title as well as the mobile platforms like iOS and Android. On this page you will get the full...
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Castlevania Lords of Shadow

Castlevania Lords of Shadow In 2010 a RPG title was created for the consoles and PC called Castlevania Lords of Shadow and in 2013 an ultimate edition of it was released which included the DLC packs that were released as well as many improvements to the original game. The DLCs Reverie and Resurrection have been included along with a much needed technical bump, which makes this ultimate edition the best version for anyone who hasn’t played it yet or were not pleased with...
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Thief The Thief series was dead for some time but the developer Eidos Montreal has brought a kind of revival of this series and Square Enix helped them by publishing it. For those who have never heard about this series, it is a stealth action series and is the fourth title in the series which comes to us after a long time. To know how to get full version of Thief 4 PC download just read the instructions given below as well as read this article for...
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The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga The Banner Saga is a trilogy and the first title in the series by the same name was released in January of 2014. A group of small independent developers came together to create this series and it’s noteworthy to know that they came from BioWare. This is a role playing tactical turn based title. Kickstarter is the reason this series exists. Kickstarter is a funding site which helps people invest money for developing things by pledging their...
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Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II With simultaneous release on XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and PC Dark Souls II is the most anticipated sequel to the first title. The first one was a terrible port from the console brethren to PC and lets up this time around the developers have done better job of it. We are going to play this now and complete this review and info later, after we finish the game. Instead of waiting to read this you can always get Dark Souls II PC download from this...
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Blackguards Blackguards is a turn based title which is available here along with other game downloads in full version form. This has been created for PC as well as Mac OS by Daedalic Entertainment. These developers have created various other titles which are based on adventure genre. When you start playing one thing you will be doing is waiting. Cause the enemy takes a hell of a lot of time to carry out its tactics and moves. Then you have to wait to...
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Deus Ex The Fall

Deus Ex The Fall The story of Deus Ex The Fall follows that of the previous version Human Revolution which was released in 2011. You can download free games that include this title and many more on this site. This was supposed to be a title for the mobile platforms but they have released it for PC as well, that’s good for us! Still we think the developers should have worked harder to make it look like a PC version rather than a bad port. This is an action...
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